Where is the Matamata turtle Found?

Where is the Matamata turtle Found?

South America
Matmata turtles are found throughout the Amazon in northern South America, including Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. They are also found on the island of Trinidad.

Is the Matamata turtle endangered?

Conservation status and major threats The mata mata turtle isn’t yet listed by the IUCN or CITES, so for now, the species is not considered endangered. ​They have a wide distribution in South America, and currently, it doesn’t appear to exist any major threats to the species.

How much is a Matamata turtle?

$114.00 – $188.00 Sale!

How long do mata mata live?

The mata mata turtle is one the most bizarre-looking and, some would argue, ugly animals on the planet. Little is known about its lifespan in the wild. In captivity, specimens have been known to live over 30 years [0451]. There are anecdotal reports of animals kept as pets living over 35 years, which is plausible.

When was the Matamata turtle Discovered?

It was first classified as Testudo fimbriata by German naturalist Johann Gottlob Schneider in 1783. It was renamed 14 different times in two centuries, finally being renamed Chelus fimbriata in 1992.

Is it legal to own a mata mata turtle?

Matamata turtles are legally sold in the U.S., Europe and Asia and can cost over $300. In Colombia however, it’s illegal to trade Matamata turtles as they’re listed as a threatened species, according to FIU News.

Can you own a mata mata turtle?

The Mata Matas prefer the muddy bottoms of slow-moving rivers for breeding instead of captivity. Nevertheless, some reputable breeders have successfully bred the turtle or hatched eggs laid in the wild. You must purchase the Mata Mata from a breeder who is knowledgeable and experienced about this exotic breed.

Can I own a mata mata turtle?

Water quality is the key to keeping this species successfully in captivity. The water’s pH should be low (5.0 to 5.5) and the addition of tannins from peat, leaves, and sphagnum moss in the water adds to the development of a perfect Matamata enclosure.

Who discovered turtles?

This turtle was roughly 70 cm long and lived in the area of today’s Germany, Greenland and Thailand, suggesting it was found all over the ancient continent of Laurasia. The species was first discovered and described in 1887 by German paeleontologist Georg Baur.

What do Matamata turtles eat?

Diet: This carnivorous turtle feeds mainly on fish and aquatic invertebrates. They might also eat birds and small mammals that have gotten into the water. Senses: Mata mata turtles have poor eyesight. They rely on their auditory and tactile senses that are excellent to find prey and warn them of predators.

How much does a Fly River turtle cost?

Total pre-salepurchase price is $2750 (price will increase once in the states).

How big of a tank do you need for a mata mata turtle?

They lie still on the bottom most of the time. Larger mata mata turtles, 16 inches and longer, require larger tubs or setups at least 4 feet by 4 feet. Smaller turtles can do well in smaller enclosures. The enclosure should allow for adequate room for the mata mata to move around.