Where is the 7th Legion emissary?

Where is the 7th Legion emissary?

Boralus Harbor
7th Legion is a new faction added in Battle For Azeroth. Vindicator Jaelaana is the 7th Legion emissary an can be found in Boralus Harbor. She stands on the top of stairs that head to Aliance ship, where mission table is.

What is the fastest way to grind 7th Legion rep?

To gain reputation with 7th Legion, Alliance Players must complete quests and world quests on Zandalar. Before you have access to the other continent, each character must set up a foothold in Zandalar zones by starting the Alliance War Campaign.

How do I get the 7th Legionnaire gear?

  1. Tier 1 – pieces obtained as rewards for completing the Stromgarde Warfront.
  2. Tier 2 – pieces obtained as drops from rares in Arathi Basin, the Arathi Basin world bosses, the 7th Legion emissary quests and some as 7th Legion reputation rewards.

Where is the 7th Legion quartermaster?

Tiragarde Sound
The quartermaster of the 7th Legion is Vindicator Jaelaana. She is located in Tiragarde Sound (74,26) and offers the following items for sale.

Where do I turn in 7th Legion quests?

You turn in the quest at the Honorbound / 7th Legion Emissary vendor (outside the order hall ship). From the Mission table. In BFA, instead of an Order Hall mission table, there is a faction-based mission table. You gain access to it when starting the War campaign.

What can you buy with the 7th Legion Service Medal?

7th Legion Service Medals are medals awarded for upon completion of world quests, Assault quests, and battles in warfronts. They are redeemable with Provisioner Stoutforge for various items.

Where is Vindicator Jaelaana?

Vindicator Jaelaana is the emissary for the Army of the Light, located aboard the Vindicaar on Argus. She later traveled to Boralus Harbor, where she serves as the emissary for the 7th Legion.

How do I get uniting of Kul Tiras?

The requirements are:

  1. Be lvl 50.
  2. Be Friendly with (alts not required) a) Proudmoore Admiralty.
  3. Establish Foothold in: a) Vol’dun.
  4. Complete Quest – Island Expedition (alts not required)
  5. Complete Quest – A Dying World to get the Heart of Azeroth Necklace (Earthen Guardian in Boralus gives Quest)

How long does battle for stromgarde take?

This stage will last for 2 days (on beta). There is no change to the content that is unlocked for Alliance players.

How do you battle for stromgarde?

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  1. The Alliance starts with ownership of the Arathi Highlands,
  2. Horde players are able to queue Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde, once enough contributions are supplied by the region.
  3. After the Horde takes control of Arathi Highlands it gets access to a World Boss and rares spawns.

What is the 7th Legion wow?

The 7th Legion is an elite special ops regiment composed of Alliance veterans. They have been present behind the scenes for almost every major offensive and military engagement the Alliance has ever done.