Where can I find old city directories?

Where can I find old city directories?

Look for directories in print and on microfilm in public libraries and archives. Directories are also available online at Ancestry.com, Fold3 and elsewhere. The Online Historical Directories Site has links to city directories on free and subscription websites, organized by place.

Are city directories still published?

City directories are compiled through door-to-door surveys and are published at irregular intervals. Researchers should be aware, however, that there are no current city directories for many major U.S. cities–among them Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

What does BDS stand for in city directories?

City Directory Abbreviations

ab above
b, bdg, bds boards (room and board)
bdg hse boarding house
bel below
bet between

What month are city directories published?

These often list the adult residents of a city or area. The most helpful directories for genealogical research are city and county directories of local residents and businesses. These are generally published annually and may include an individual’s address, occupation, spouse’s name, and other helpful facts.

Do libraries keep old phone books?

The Library of Congress houses old U.S. telephone directories on microfiche, microfilm and paper in its Microform Reading Room in Washington, DC.

What does OS mean in genealogy?

Common family tree abbreviations

Common family tree abbreviations
O.S. Old Style (Julian) Calendar
o.t.p. Of this Parish
p.r. Parish Register
R.C. Roman Catholic

What does H mean in city directory?

I have done extensive New York City directory research. Sometimes addresses appear with an h. for house, particularly if the person also has a business address.

When was the last yellow pages printed?

It was in September 2017 that Yell announced the final print cycle of Yellow Pages. The first of the 104 final editions were distributed in Kingston in January 2018, with the final ever edition distributed this month in Brighton where it all began.

What does B mean in city directory?

avenue. b, bdg, bds. boards (room and board)