What spine is Gold Tip 7595?

What spine is Gold Tip 7595?

The 7595 are actually a 340 spine.

What diameter are Gold Tip Hunter Pro?

*Disclaimer – These arrow shafts are not sold with field tips.

Spine 300 400
Grains per Inch 9.3 8.2
Outside Diameter .302″ .295″
Inside Diameter .246″ .246″
Factory Length 32″ 32″

How many grains is a Gold Tip Hunter arrow?

Excellent product as usual from Gold Tip. -8.9 grains per inch on these Hunter 340 spine shafts if anyone is curious.

How much does a Gold Tip Hunter arrow weight?

Stock Length: 32” Shaft Weight: 8.9 GPI.

What is stiffer 340 or 300 spine?

Registered. I put your specs into archers advantage on my iPad and the 300 spine was a tad stiff but the 340 was right on the edge of ok and weak. Maybe someone with OT2 can run your setup through it, it sometimes is more accurate than AA. But Usually better to be on the stiff side than weak side.

What does 400 spine arrow mean?

This arrow spine is measured in numbers. The lower the numbers, the thicker the arrow while the higher the number, the easier the shaft to bend. For example, an arrow with spine number 400 is stiffer than a 600 spine arrow.

What spine is Gold Tip 5575?

Gold Tip Traditional Carbon Shafts

Spine Point GPI
1535/600 5/16″ 7.6
3555/500 5/16″ 8.6
5575/400 5/16″ 9.3
7595/300 5/16″ 11.0

Are Gold Tip Hunter arrows any good?

Hunter PROs There are many archers who think that Hunter PRO Arrows are the best Gold Tips made. They have an incredible straightness tolerance of +/- . If you’re worried about heading out on the hunt and the straightness of your arrows, lay those fears to rest, because that’s one incredibly straight arrow.

How long are uncut Gold Tip arrows?

The arrows are not trimmed to fit your bow. Most arrows come from the factory in full 30-33″ uncut stock lengths. If you order arrows from a big-box store, that’s exactly what you’ll get, and it will be up to you to trim the arrows to length and install the inserts.

What spine arrow do I need for 70 lb bow?

How to: Select the perfect arrow

Bow Arrow length
55-60 500 350
60-65 400 350
65-70 400 350
70-75 400 300