What language does Cocos2d use?

What language does Cocos2d use?


Original author(s) Ricardo Quesada, Lucio Torre
Written in Python
Platform Cross-platform
License 3-clause BSD
Website python.cocos2d.org

What programming language is cocos2d?


Original author(s) Zhe Wang
Written in C++
Platform Cross-platform
License MIT License
Website cocos2d-x.org

How good is cocos2d?

This engine is fully open-source and have a good community. It’s cross platform and you can easily release your game ( and even your app) for iOS, Android, Windows phone. Working and learning the engine is straightforward and it took about one week.

Is Cocos 2d good?

Cocos2D-x, is good, relevant for games by experienced programmers! But I’ll recommend go for Unity Game Engine with C# as programing language. cocos2d-x has ground up 2d support, and since the programming model is quite similar to cocos2d, a great library based solution. Cocos2D-x has no integrated design environment.

What programming language does Cocos use?

Scripting in Cocos Creator is used to implement user-defined (game) behavior and supports both JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages. Objects in the scene are driven by writing a scripting component and mounting it to a scene node.

How to install Visual Studio Code in Cocos creator?

Mac user can extract the software to anywhere you like, and double click Visual Studio Code.app to launch. Windows user can run VSCodeSetup.exe to install it. Open your project in Cocos Creator, and choose Developer -> VS Code Workflow -> Install VS Code Extension from main menu.

How to open a decompressed project in Cocos creator?

First, start Cocos Creator, and choose Open Other Projects. In the pop up input field for selecting folder, choose start_project that has just been downloaded and decompressed, and click the Select Folder button. The main window of Cocos Creator editor will be opened, and you will see the project status as follows:

How do I check the project status in Cocos creator?

The main window of Cocos Creator editor will be opened, and you will see the project status as follows: Our original project has included all the game resources needed, therefore you don’t need to import any other resources. For details on importing resources, please read content related to Asset Workflow.

How do I debug a game in Cocos creator?

Debugging process depends on the Cocos Creator editor built-in Web server, so you need to have the editor running for debug to work. If the editor uses non-default port to preview the game, you need to manually modify the url field in launch.json to add up the correct port.