What is Web XML session timeout?

What is Web XML session timeout?

The session-timeout element defines the default session timeout interval for all sessions created in this web application. The specified timeout must be expressed in a whole number of minutes. If the timeout is 0 or less, the container ensures the default behaviour of sessions is never to time out.

How do I set session timeout in Web XML?

  1. Set the TimeoutSecs attribute in thejsp-descriptor of the WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor, weblogic. xml. This value is set in seconds.
  2. Set the (see session-config) element in the Web Application deployment descriptor, web. xml.

Which element in Web XML defines the session timeout in minutes?

xml) – Specified the timeout value in “minute” , enclose with “session-config” element.

What is session timeout in web config?

Remarks. The Timeout property can be set in the Web. config file for an application using the timeout attribute of the sessionState configuration element, or you can set the Timeout property value directly using application code. The Timeout property cannot be set to a value greater than 525,600 minutes (1 year).

Why session timeout is important in Web applications?

Session timeout is a fairly popular option that needs to be used carefully. It is used to determine how long a device may remain authenticated on a switchport before it must perform authentication again.

Where is session timeout in web config?

Go to web. config file and add following script where sessionstate timeout is set to 60 seconds.

Why do websites have timeouts?

Timeouts. The purpose of a server timeout is to prevent a device from endlessly waiting for a sever to respond. Server timeouts can occur when using a Web browser to view a site, connecting to an online service with a game or running a program update, among other situations.

What is timeout in web config?

The timeout attribute specifies the number of minutes a session can be idle before it is abandoned. The default value for this attribute is 20. By assigning a value of 1 to this attribute, you’ve set the session to be abandoned in 1 minute after its idle.