What is thyme?

What is thyme?

Thyme is an herb from the mint family that you probably recognize from your spice set. But it’s so much more than an after-thought ingredient. Its range of use is impressive, and it has over 400 subspecies.

What is Thymus linearis Benth?

Thymus linearis Benth. is a species of thyme found in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A study found that an extract was able to significantly reduce heart rate in rats with high blood pressure, and it was also able to lower their cholesterol.

What are the side effects of thyme?

Thyme is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth as medicine for short periods of time. In some people, it can cause digestive system upset, headache, or dizziness. Thyme oil is POSSIBLY SAFE when applied to the skin. In some people, applying the oil to the skin can cause irritation.

Is thyme an inhibitor of chemical mediator release from RBL-2H3 cells?

Watanabe J, Shinmoto H, Tsushida T. Coumarin and flavone derivatives from estragon and thyme as inhibitors of chemical mediator release from RBL-2H3 Cells. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 2005;69:1-6..