What is the USPS abbreviation for Maine?

What is the USPS abbreviation for Maine?

State Abbreviations

Postal Abbreviations for States/Territories
1831 1874
Maine Me. Me.
Maryland Md. Md.
Massachusetts Ms. Mass.

How did states get their abbreviations?

History. In 1831 and 1874, the United States Postal Service published a preferred list of state abbreviations. In 1963, the post office put into effect the five-digit ZIP Code which would be written after the state abbreviation. At this time, many state abbreviations were made up of four letters.

What is the correct abbreviation for Avenue?

C1 Street Suffix Abbreviations

Primary Street Suffix Name Commonly Used Street Suffix or Abbreviation Postal Service Standard Suffix Abbreviation

How do you abbreviate Montana?

State and Territory Abbreviations

State Standard Postal
Minnesota Minn. MN
Mississippi Miss. MS
Missouri Mo. MO
Montana Mont. MT

What is the 2 letter abbreviation for Maine?

Capital : Augusta

  • Admitted to USA : 1820
  • Area : 91,633 km 2
  • Population : 1,344,212
  • Time zone : GMT-5
  • Calling code : 207
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation : ME
  • State Government Website : http://www.maine.gov/
  • What are all 50 states abbreviations?

    Alabama: AL

  • Alaska: AK
  • Arizona: AZ
  • Arkansas: AR
  • California: CA
  • Colorado: CO
  • Connecticut: CT
  • Delaware: DE
  • Florida: FL
  • Georgia: GA
  • What is the abbreviation for me state?

    “ME” is the abbreviation for Maine. Maine is the 41st-most-populous state in the United States, and it is home to 1.3 million people as of 2013.

    What state is MD abbreviated?

    The abbreviation for Maryland is MD. Maryland is a Mid-Atlantic state bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Virginia to the south, and West Virginia to the west.