What is the synonym of imposed?

What is the synonym of imposed?

fly in the face of. hang in. impeach. impose. impugn.

What is an imposed definition?

: to cause (something, such as a tax, fine, rule, or punishment) to affect someone or something by using your authority. : to establish or create (something unwanted) in a forceful or harmful way. : to force someone to accept (something or yourself)

What is the synonym of imposition?

levying, charging, exacting, application, applying, enforcement, enforcing. setting, establishment, fixing, laying, introduction, institution. decreeing, ordainment, enactment, promulgation. informal slapping, clapping. 3’it would be no imposition, I assure you’

What is another word for imposed upon?

What is another word for imposed upon?

lumbered loaded
imposed troubled
oppressed inflicted
cumbered weighed
weighed down imposed on

What is the opposite of imposed?

impose. Antonyms: remove, disburden. Synonyms: lay, inflict, fix, set, place, enjoin.

What is an example of imposing?

The definition of imposing is making a strong impression because of size or strength. An example of something imposing is a giant animal staring at you while you eat as if threatening to take your food. Present participle of impose. Magnificent and impressive because of appearance, size, stateliness or dignity.

How do you use the word impose?

I don’t want them to impose their religious beliefs on my children. We must impose some kind of order on the way this office is run. He wants the government to impose strict controls on dog ownership. In view of the quantity of drugs involved, 16 years was the most lenient sentence the judge could impose.

What is the synonym of enforced?

accomplish, administer, apply, carry out, implement, impose, invoke, prosecute, reinforce, require, sanction, administrate, coerce, commandeer, compel, constrain, demand, dictate, discharge, dragoon.

What does as belonging to one mean?

To be a member of something, such as a team or club.

What is the opposite of impose?