What is the story of Aiyyaa?

What is the story of Aiyyaa?

Meenakshi is a drama queen who falls in love with Surya, a Tamil actor. Although she is engaged to another person, she still dreams of getting married to Surya.Aiyyaa / Film synopsis

Where was Aiyyaa filmed?

People will be surprised to know that more than half of the shooting of Rani Mukerji’s next film Aiyyaa was done in the premises of the prestigious J.J School of Arts in Mumbai. was done in the premises of the prestigious J.J School of Arts in Mumbai.

Is Aiyyaa a good movie?

Lust-at-first-sight is not an emotion that has usually not been allowed to the Hindi movie heroine, and Aiyyaa’s unapologetic embrace of female sensual fantasies is heartwarming but marred by tedious repetitive execution. Aiyyaa is an ambitious film.

Was Aiyyaa a hit or flop?

It dropped 90% the following weekend. Subsequently, it was declared a flop by Box Office India for its overseas performance.

What language is aiyyaa?


How old is Rani Mukherjee now?

43 years (March 21, 1978)Rani Mukerji / Age

Who is the husband of Rani Mukherjee?

Aditya ChopraRani Mukerji / Husband (m. 2014)

Actor Rani Mukerji tied the knot with filmmaker Aditya Chopra in April 2014.

Can Rani Mukherjee speak Tamil?

A spokesperson confirms, “Yes, Rani had to learn a bit of Tamil as some portion of the scenes demanded her to speak in Tamil, but Prithviraj, helped her cope up with the situation and made it very easy for here.

Why did Rani Mukerji stop acting?

MUKERJI: The hiccups were because we couldn’t complete the film in March and the pandemic hit us then. We were due to finish by the end of March but everything had shut down by March 13. All the actors were pretty nervous to come on set and shoot, rightfully so. Then we had to stall the film.

How Rani Mukherjee is related to Kajol?

We know that actresses Rani Mukerji and Kajol are cousins and the most talented actresses the Bollywood industry has ever seen. The two actresses have come on screen together in the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai which was Karan Johar’s megahit directorial.

Is Rani Mukherjee related to Joy Mukherjee?

He was married to Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar’s sister Sati Rani. In this picture: Sashadhar Mukherjee (wearing a cap and shades), Mukherjee brothers Rono (extreme left), Deb, Joy, Rani Mukerji’s father Ram and Kajol’s father Shomu.