What is the recommended grip for backhand groundstroke?

What is the recommended grip for backhand groundstroke?

The majority of the professional tennis players utilize a semi-western backhand grip for the one handed backhand, and a continental grip with the dominant hand and an eastern grip for the non-dominant hand on the two handed backhand.

Which grip will generate the most topspin?

The Western grip
The Western grip. This type of grip is a more extreme version of the Semi-Western grip, and is used to generate maximum topspin. With the Western grip, you can take the most advantage of slow-moving clay courts, and have an easier time tackling high ball bounces—the spin helps keep it in.

How to hit a topspin backhand in tennis?

The topspin backhand can be effectively hit with the one handed backhand. To be able to execute a heavy one-handed topspin backhand, use the Western grip. In case you are not comfortable with this grip, you can also use the full or modified Eastern backhand grips.

How to choose the right backhand grip for tennis?

The backhand grip chosen will depend upon whether you hold the racket with one hand or two and whether you intend to hit topspin or slice. The racket’s angle in your hand will be adjusted to make the kind of shot you want to hit easier, although a few players even manage to hit the ball with the same grip for both forehands and backhands.

How to play a backhand tennis racket?

There are two main ways of playing a backhand. Firstly, two hands can be used to hold the racket, with only a modest grip change from the forehand for the dominant hand. Secondly, the racket can be held in one hand, most likely in conjunction with a more significant grip change.

What is the best grip for a single handed player?

A player with a single-handed backhand will also use a continental grip to hit a slice. The eastern grip allows a modest amount of topspin to be produced, but if they want to make the ball spin, they will use a semi-western grip.