What is the meaning of mindless self indulgence?

What is the meaning of mindless self indulgence?

: excessive or unrestrained gratification of one’s own appetites, desires, or whims.

What happened to mindless self indulgence?

In December 2010, they released a comic titled Adventures Into Mindless Self Indulgence about various tour stories and significant moments of the band’s career. Later in January 2014, the band announced that they would be taking a hiatus.

Where did mindless self indulgence get their name?

Their group name is derived (but not to be confused with) from a solo album that frontman Jimmy Urine self-recorded in the mid-1990s (that being the 1995 album, “Mindless Self-Indulgence”).

Is mindless self indulgence satire?

No subject is off limits to MSI. Possessing a firm grasp of locker room humor, with “tongues firmly planted in cheek” MSI also take on some serious issues in a not so serious way. It’s satire at the street level.

What is another word for self indulgence?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-indulgence, like: hedonism, dissolution, intemperance, intemperateness, indulgence, escapism, childishness, frivolity, tastelessness, indolence and egotism.

Is self indulgence good or bad?

Self indulgence is often referred to someone who is being greedy, or is just generally selfish, and it is often seen as a bad thing. Some would say a self-indulgent person think about themselves a lot; they over eat, they care only about themselves, they take too much of a good thing, such as loads of cream cakes.

Who is Jimmy Urine married to?

Chantal ClaretJimmy Urine / Spouse (m. 2008)

Personal life. Euringer married Chantal Claret, lead singer of Morningwood, on January 18, 2008.

Is MSI a bad band?

msi is such a problematic band, throwing out slurs that aren’t theirs left and right. Everyone who I’ve spoken to whose met MSI have said they’re some of the nicest people ever. And based off what I’ve seen and witnessed, they’re actually pretty chill (I’ve met them a few times myself).

How old is Jimmy Urine?

52 years (September 7, 1969)Jimmy Urine / Age

Does mindless self indulgence hate their fans?

It’s the best dance party self loathing ever hosted. Mindless Self Indulgence hates all its fans – point blank. Influenced by everything, MSI sounds like nothing that has ever been heard before. Its latest album, “If” is the band’s most cohesive album to date.

What is self indulgence examples?

What is indulgence in psychology?

Self-indulgence involves over-engaging things solely for the purpose of creating pleasure for the self. In broader, functional terms, self-indulgence is. – Doing whatever one wants, whenever he or she wants to. – Not doing what he or she doesn’t want to do when they don’t want to do it.