What is meaning of obligate in biology?

What is meaning of obligate in biology?

Biology. restricted to a particular condition of life, as certain organisms that can survive only in the absence of oxygen (opposed to facultative): obligate anaerobe.

What is the obligate with the examples?

To obligate is to bind by a duty, promise or a contract. When you require your staff to attend a weekly meeting, this is an example of a time when you obligate the staff to attend a meeting. To compel or constrain by a social, legal, or moral requirement.

What is obligate parasite in biology?

An obligate parasite or holoparasite is a parasitic organism that cannot complete its life-cycle without exploiting a suitable host. If an obligate parasite cannot obtain a host it will fail to reproduce. Holoparasites and some hemiparasites are obligate.

What is obligate parasite and example?

An obligate parasite is a parasite that entirely depends upon a host for its nourishment, reproduction, habitat, and survival. Examples: hookworm, Plasmodium, head louse, cuckoo paper wasp, Rafflesia. Synonym: obligatory parasite; holoparasite. Compare: facultative parasite.

What does ably mean?

: in an able and skillful manner : with ability, skill, or proficiency was ably assisted This silly comic Christmas romp is ably performed by a cast of 22 actors, led by the high-spirited Danny McBride as the childlike Buddy.—

What means decidedly?

Decidedly means to a great extent and in a way that is very obvious.

What do obligating mean?

1 : to bind legally or morally : constrain You are obligated to repay the loan. 2 : to commit (something, such as funds) to meet an obligation funds obligated for new projects. obligate.

What is facultative parasite example?

A facultative parasite is an organism that may resort to parasitic activity, but does not absolutely rely on any host for completion of its life cycle. Examples of facultative parasitism occur among many species of fungi, such as family members of the genus Armillaria.

What are obligate parasites Class 11?

The Virus must carry out their reproduction by parasitizing a host cell. b. They cannot multiply outside a living cell.

What is a Digenetic parasite?

Digenetic parasites are those that need more than one host (usually two) to complete their life cycles.

What is the meaning of Amensalism?

amensalism, association between organisms of two different species in which one is inhibited or destroyed and the other is unaffected.

What are examples of obligate anaerobes?

Obligate anaerobes do not. Examples of obligately anaerobic bacterial genera include Actinomyces, Bacteroides, Clostridium, Fusobacterium, Peptostreptococcus, Porphyromonas, Prevotella, Propionibacterium, and Veillonella.

Is bacteria an obligate parasite?

For bacteria, the term “obligate parasite” can have at least two distinct meanings. A parasite that naturally only reproduces within a host and cannot be artificially cultured on cell-free media. A parasite that naturally only reproduces within a host, whether or not it can be artificially cultured on cell-free media.

What are obligate symbionts?

obligate symbionts An organism that cannot function unless it is combined with another organism.

What is the definition of obligate anaerobe?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Obligate anaerobe. Obligate anaerobes are microorganisms that live and grow in the absence of molecular oxygen; some of these are killed by oxygen.