What is FermCap used for?

What is FermCap used for?

FermCap® S is a unique emulsion of an extremely effective surface active agent Dimethylpolysiloxane which prevents foam formation by reducing surface tension. It is used to control foam in kettle and during fermentation. It is completely removed from the beer after fermentation by the yeast and filtration.

Does FermCap reduce head retention?

It will not affect the finished beers flavor, appearance or head retention. Can also be added during the boil to reduce the risk of boilovers. Use a few drops per gallon for boil, or two drops per gallon for fermentation.

How much FermCap do I put in a boil?

Prevent boil overs on the hot side, add 2 drops per gallon for a nice rolling boil. On the cold side, Fermcap keeps the krausen in your fermenter to 1/2 an inch.

Does FermCap s need to be refrigerated?

Also known as FermCap S, Foam Control does not affect the head on your finished beer. Good for about 50 batches of beer. Note: Keeps best when stored in the refrigerator.

How do you store Fermcap?

For best results, the closed package should be shaken vigorously before use. Do not freeze, store below 90º F.

What is Whirlfloc tablet?

Whirlfloc Tablets are an enhanced blend of Irish Moss and purified carrageenan that aids in the coagulation and settling of haze-producing proteins and beta glucans. Use one tablet per 10 gallon batch (For 5 gallon batches, cut a tablet in half.

Is Fermcap s safe?

Fermcap S is safe to use. The active ingredient isn’t even absorbed into the body when injested. Like posted earlier, it is the same thing as found in Gas-X, which millions injest directly everyday at higher doses then you would find in your beer.

Do I need Whirlfloc?

Whirlfloc tablets are not necessary for homebrewing. They only allow to get rid of haziness in the beer. For hobbist that want a clearer brew, whirlfloc tablets can be added at the end of the boil.

When should I use Whirlfloc tablets?

Whirlfloc tablets are a blend of Irish moss and purified carrageenan that help precipitate haze-causing proteins and beta glucans resulting in a clearer finished beer. Use one tablet per 10 gallon batch of beer in the last 5 minutes of the boil.

What is Fermcap made of?

Fermcap S is made of pimethylpolysiloxane – PDMS, a non-soluble and non-toxic silica polymer that acts to prevent foaming in boiling and fermenting liquids. After boiling or fermentation ends, Fermcap S settles out with trub and yeast to be left behind after racking.