What is ECCM?

What is ECCM?

Expert Community Care Management (ECCM) is your personal guide into and through the Human Services community. Since 2006, our nonprofit organization has served as the entry point to the available systems of care, leading our clients down personalized treatment paths toward a more promising tomorrow.

What are the hours of operation for ECCM rental assistance?

Current hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday – Friday, except Holidays. The Erie County Emergency Rental Assistance Program administered through ECCM provides rental and utility assistance to eligible Erie County tenants impacted by COVID-19.

What to expect at eccm20?

The Conference Theme is “Composites meet Sustainability” ECCM20 includes plenary talks, keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations, and an entertaining social program for delegates from around the world. The event layout and schedule will provide many opportunities to network, learn, discuss and share with colleagues from across the world.

What is Erie County care management (ECCM)?

Erie County Care Management. ECCM is a company that provides guidance to parents and teachers of children with different types of autism so the condition can be identified early on. Autism Spectrum Disorder does not affect all individuals identically.