What is better Dura-Ace or Ultegra?

What is better Dura-Ace or Ultegra?

Although Dura Ace is considered to Shimano’s out-and-out performance groupset, surprisingly, Ultegra is generally deemed to be much more versatile, mainly because of the lower range of gears that it offers. While Ultegra cassettes go all the way up to 34 teeth, Dura Ace cassettes only go up to 30 teeth.

Is it worth upgrading from Ultegra to Dura-Ace?

you will never notice a difference. ultegra is great. No reason to upgrade. I’ve gradually even been downgrading to 105 on my bikes (from Dura-Ace) because current 105 is simply better than the DA I got when I bought my bikes (road bike in 2005 and P2 in 2009).

Can you use Ultegra with Dura-Ace?

As a result, the chains and cassettes from the two brands have always been completely interchangeable for any given type of transmission (e.g. 11-speed). Thus, an Ultegra (6800/8000) 11-speed chain can be used with a Dura-Ace (9000/9100) 11-speed cassette.

Are Dura Ace crankset carbon?

At Eurobike Shimano introduced a carbon fiber Dura-Ace crankset. The FC-7800C has an aluminium core to realize a lightweight yet very rigid construction. By using this technology, Shimano developed a crank set that combines the best of both materials.

How long does Dura-Ace last?

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 durability Over more than 10,000 miles of riding, through wet, salt-covered Colorado winters, muddy Belgian springs, and hot summers, Dura-Ace proved admirably durable in most areas.

Are Dura-Ace cranks worth it?

it’s lighter, more durable, more efficient, and IMHO it actually shifts slightly better. I mean if you are well heeled enough to ride full dura ace – go for it… but you don’t need to. Dura-Ace is made with lighter materials than Ultegra. An amateur cyclist would probably not notice any difference between the two.

How many miles does a Dura-Ace cassette last?

I usually get about 2500 miles per Dura Ace chain, and swap the cassette on the fourth chain, at 9-10,000 miles.

How long will a Dura-Ace cassette last?

Is Dura-Ace worth?

In a word, no. Dura-Ace is a little lighter, a little nicer looking (especially the crank). But if your eyes were closed, you couldn’t tell the difference between the two riding them. It’s not worth the substantial price difference.

When did Dura Ace 7800 come out?

A 10th sprocket might have been the headline feature of Shimano’s new top-line groupset, but the Japanese company did far more than shift up a gear when it launched Dura-Ace 7800 in 2004.