What is ash handling system?

What is ash handling system?

Ash handling refers to the method of collection, conveying, interim storage and load out of various types of ash residue left over from solid fuel combustion processes. The most common types of ash resulting from the combustion of coal, wood and other solid fuels. bottom ash. bed ash.

What are the different types of ash handling system?


  • (1) Hydraulic system.
  • (2) Pneumatic system.
  • (3) Mechanical system.

What are the disadvantages of lean concentration slurry discharge system?

Conventional Lean Slurry Disposal System and Ash Water Recovery System have limitations/disadvantages on account of higher amount of water wastage/contamination, ground water pollution, potential threat of ash pond collapse, vast land required for ash dykes, higher costs for ash pond construction and higher power …

What is the capacity of steam jet ash handling system?

Explanation: The capacity of the steam jet ash handling system is limited 15tonnes/hour since the plant built up is in less space. And it has ability to remove ash through a horizontal distance of 200m.

Why is it important to prepare ash handling system?

Why is it important to prefer ash handling systems? Explanation: Considering the large coal burning capacity plant of modern times, the amount of ash produced when the coal is burnt is in thousands of tones. It could have an effect on other subjects too if the proper ash handling methods are not followed.

What are the difficulties encountered in ash handling?

Given the fine particle size, frictional nature and high temperature, fly ash can be a difficult material to handle reliably. In this article, we will look at various types of flow problems that can occur in fly ash handling and storage systems, including arching, ratholing, flow rate limitations and flooding.

Why is it important to prefer ash handling systems?

What are the ash discharge equipments?

Silo discharge systems Aspiration hose pipe, which is a telescopic two-channel coaxial device, is used for dry discharge of ash. Aspiration hosepipes with individual hose filters may also be used.

What is ash slurry?

A slurry is a mixture of solid particles suspended in a liquid medium (coal ash). In most industrial applications, the suspended solid particles are denser than the liquid. Slurries can, therefore, be categorized as non-settling or settling slurries based on the solid particle size.

What kind of equipment are used to dispose ash slurry from slurry tanks to ash disposal area?

High concentration ash slurry disposal system – Slurry pump is used to transport ash slurry to ash disposal area via ash slurry transportation pipes. Lean ash slurry disposal system – Slurry transported to a dewatering bin by a jet pump, and carried to an ash dump by truck after dewatering.

Which medium is used to carry ash in hydraulics?

10. Which medium is used to carry ash in hydraulic system? Explanation: Water is used as the medium to carry ash at high velocity. Depending on water pressure the system is divided as Low pressure system and High pressure system.

Why is ash handling significant in a steam power plant?

What is ash handling plant or ash handling system? Ash handling plant or ash handling system in thermal power plant are used to cooled down the ash to manageable temperature, transferred to a disposal area or storage which is further utilized in other industries.