What is another term for prevention?

What is another term for prevention?

What is another word for prevention?

anticipation thwarting
deterrence preclusion
avoidance determent
safeguard forestallment
obviation precluding

What is another word for preventive medicine?

What is another word for preventive medicine?

health care health maintenance
health protection medical management
wellness program

Is there a word preventative?

There is no difference between preventive and preventative. They are both adjectives that mean “used to stop something bad from happening.” Both words are commonly used in contexts concerning health care, as in “preventive/preventative medicine.” Preventive, however, is used much more frequently than preventative.

What is a synonym for intervention?

Some common synonyms of intervene are intercede, interfere, interpose, and mediate. While all these words mean “to come or go between,” intervene may imply an occurring in space or time between two things or a stepping in to stop a conflict. quarreled until the manager intervened.

Which term is more correct preventive or preventative?

What is the antonym of the word preventive?

Antonyms: bailable, permissive, unhealthful. Synonyms: cautionary, antifertility, contraceptive, prophylactic, preventative.

What does preventive mean in medical terms?

(pree-VEN-shun) In medicine, action taken to decrease the chance of getting a disease or condition.

What is the suffix of Prevent?

The first option ‘able’ when added as a suffix to the word ‘prevent’, it becomes ‘preventable’ which means able to be prevented or avoided. The second option ‘ing’ when added as a suffix to the word ‘prevent’, it becomes ‘preventing’ which is a gerund or present participle of ‘prevent’.

What is a synonym for solutions?

answer, result, resolution, way out, panacea. key, formula, guide, clue, pointer, gloss. explanation, explication, clarification, interpretation, elucidation, exposition.

Which of the following is the best synonym for intervene?


  • arbitrate.
  • intercede.
  • interfere.
  • involve.
  • meddle.
  • negotiate.
  • divide.
  • intermediate.

What is an example of preventive care?

Preventive care helps detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they can become major. Annual check-ups, immunizations, and flu shots, as well as certain tests and screenings, are a few examples of preventive care. This may also be called routine care.

What is the difference between preventive and curative health care?

Preventive medicine is that branch of medical science that aims to improve and maintain health by ensuring people do not fall ill in the first place. On the contrary, curative medicine restores and maintains health by treating people after they fall ill.

What is the primary prevention of disease?

Primary. Primary disease prevention is usually aimed at the population as a whole and is considered the most cost-effective preventative health care available, according to Fitzgerald Health Education Associates. Immunizations are probably the best example of primary prevention, while health education such as promoting the use…

What is a synonym for prevention?

Synonyms for Prevention: n. • interruption, frustration, proscription, paralysis. • deterrence, determent, forestallment, obviation. •act (noun) bar. •avoidance (noun) evasion, elusion, runaround, forbearance.

What is infectious disease prevention?

Prevention of infectious disease. Prevention is the key to stopping the spread of many infectious diseases, and sometimes can make the difference between life and death. Handwashing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection.

What is the Office of disease prevention?

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) plays a vital role in keeping the Nation healthy. We accomplish this by setting national health goals and objectives and supporting programs, services, and education activities that improve the health of all Americans.