What is a enthusiast person?

What is a enthusiast person?

Definition of enthusiast : a person filled with enthusiasm: such as. a : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit a sports car enthusiast. b : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest.

What’s another word for a sports fan?

What is another word for sports fan?

sports aficionado sports buff
sports enthusiast sports fanatic
sports lover supporter

What do you call a person who plays sports?

athlete Add to list Share. The noun athlete comes from the Greek word athletes, meaning “contestant in the games.” Anyone who competes in sporting competitions can be called an athlete, but usually the term is reserved for people with a high level of dedication, skill and fitness.

What is an example of enthusiast?

The definition of an enthusiast is a person who is very excited about some person or thing. A person who is really into wine and who really loves talking about wine is an example of a wine enthusiast. (archaic) A person exhibiting over-zealous religious fervour.

What is the difference between enthusiastic and enthusiast?

Enthusiast refers to one’s identity, while enthusiastic refers to one’s (potentially temporary) state.

What is a football enthusiast?

A person with enthusiasm for and an interest in football or a football team; a football supporter.

What is a sporty person?

sporty adjective (FOR SPORT) A sporty person enjoys sports and is good at them: Guy wasn’t really the sporty type. Sporty clothes are bright and informal, and look like the type of clothes that you could wear for sports. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

How do you use enthusiasts?

3 He was an enthusiast for the avant-garde. 4 He is a great sports enthusiast. 5 He is a lifelong railway enthusiast. 6 I must confess I’m not a great enthusiast for long political programmes.

What makes someone enthusiastic?

Traits of an enthusiastic person include: 1. Energetic. Enthusiastic professionals outwardly express energy in everything they do. They attack all activities with a sense of positive urgency. They look forward to new challenges with zest and every obstacle becomes an opportunity to recharge and refocus.