What is a 921 bulb used for?

What is a 921 bulb used for?

Product details. Sylvania 921 Long-Life Miniature Light Bulbs are designed to be durable, low maintenance and provide enhanced safety. These lamps are suitable for various automotive applications, including parking lights, turn lights, brake lights, back-up lights and interior lights.

What’s the difference between a 921 and a 922 bulb?

The most common W9 bulb is the 921. The 912 and 906 are used where less light and heat is required. The 922 is often used in spotlight applications (*replacement assumes spotlight). Frosted varieties of the W9 bulbs are sometimes used when a more diffuse light is desired.

Is T15 Same as 921?

It Will replace any vehicle takes 912, 921, 904, 906, 916, 917, 920, 922, W16W, 2835, T15 bulbs for reverse lights.

What is a T20 light bulb?

GE Large Vintage Style Spiral Filament 40-Watt Replacement Clear Finish T20 Tubular LED light bulb creates a dramatic focal point in any room. A warm candlelight glow that is dimmable recreates the feel of Edison-style incandescent bulbs. This decorative bulb is rated to last 13 years based on 3 hours per day use.

SYLVANIA 921 Long Life Mini Bulb makes a perfect direct replacement solution for your car or truck’s interior or exterior lighting. These bulbs offer increased longevity, and have been engineered to withstand a sizeable amount of road shock and vibration.

Are 194 and 921 bulbs the same?

921’s are larger, brighter, and unfortunately hotter than 194’s (even xenon super white 194’s). i have them in my front corners. it was a lot brighter, but because they set off so much heat it melted the connector on the lens, on one side. other people have had similar problems with meltdowns.

Are all 921 bulbs the same?

Expert Reply: A C921 and 921 are going to be interchangeable. In fact, if you look closely as a 921 bulb # 30-90-021 it does have C921 printed on it.

What is the difference between a 912 and 921 bulb?

The 912 and 921 bulbs are interchangeable as they have the same T-5 wedge base. The 921 has a wattage of 16.8 and draws 1.4 amps. The 912 is 12 watts and draws 1 amp. So the 921 should burn brighter than a standard 912 bulb.

Are 912 and 921 bulbs the same?

Is a 906 and 921 bulb the same?

How many lumens is a 921 bulb?

The 921 LED disc has 12 LEDs (5050 SMD) with an output of up to 190 lumens at 3000K or 6000K.

What is a T20 bulb?

What’s a T20 bulb? A T20 bulb is commonly known by industry standards as the following bulb sizes: 7440 7441 7443 7444 992A, etc. These T20 bulbs are commonly used for the turn signals, tail/stop lights, reverse lights, and daytime running lights.

What is the wattage of a 921 bulb?

Philips 921 Standard Mini Auto Bulb (Pack of 2) Philips Automotive brand miniature automotive lamp. 18 Watts and 12.8 volts.

What kind of light bulbs do you need for a 921?

YITAMOTOR 921 RV Interior LED Light Bulbs 7. Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs 8. SYLVANIA 921 T-16 ZEVO LED White Bulb 1. Kohree Replacement 921 Wedge LED Bulb I was in doubt to purchase this light bulb when our old ones ran out.

What is a 921 LED bulb for RV?

Basically, the 921 LED bulb for RV is a high-powered replacement for your traditional RV bulbs. It consumes less energy, provides high-quality brightness, and is bigger in size than your average RV bulb.

How long does a 921 LED light bulb last?

On average, the 921 LED bulb has a lifespan of more than 40,000 hours, which means that it will last you years of RV travel before you would need to have it replaced! And if that does not entice you, there are also a number of products out in the market that provides a lifetime warranty for your purchased 921 LED bulb!

Are 912 921 led reverse light bulbs worth the price?

I would recommend getting the standard 921 bulbs as an alternative. Another useful tip: If the LED does not light up, flip it 180 degrees to let the current flow. With all the benefits that these LED lights come with, they are undeniably worth the price for my RV. This product is highly recommended! 7. Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs