What inspired Tiger in a Tropical Storm?

What inspired Tiger in a Tropical Storm?

The artist claimed his jungle scenes were inspired by travels through Mexico as a regimental bandsman. However, this Post-Impressionist painter had never actually left France. Far more likely is that Jardin des Plantes—down the street from where he worked—was the source of Tiger in a Tropical Storm’s vivid flora.

Who was Henri Rousseau influenced by?

Pablo Picasso
Fernand LégerMax Beckmann
Henri Rousseau/Influenced by

Is Henri Rousseau still alive?

Deceased (1844–1910)Henri Rousseau / Living or Deceased

What was Henri Rousseau famous for?

Henri Rousseau
Education Self-taught
Known for Painting
Notable work The Sleeping Gypsy, Tiger in a Tropical Storm, The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope, Boy on the Rocks
Movement Post-Impressionism, Naïve art, Primitivism

What is Henri Rousseau famous for?

What is the meaning of Rousseau?

Rousseaunoun. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Swiss philosopher. Etymology: Originally a French nickname for someone with red hair. Cognate to English Russell.

Was Henri Rousseau poor?

In spite of his popularity among his fellow artists, Rousseau continued to be seen as a figure of amusement in the art world, and lived in poverty for the rest of his life. He died in 1910, suffering from an infected leg wound and despondent over the rejection of his romantic overtures by Leonie, a shop assistant.

Why is Henri Rousseau’s Tiger in a tropical storm so popular?

Looking at the vibrant and surreal Tiger in a Tropical Storm, it’s easy to get lost in its visual tale of a dangerous night in a lush and lively jungle. Amazingly, the story behind Henri Rousseau’s most iconic work is even richer.

What does the painting Tiger in a tropical storm mean?

Tiger in a Tropical Storm. Tiger in a Tropical Storm or Surprised! is an 1891 oil-on-canvas painting by Henri Rousseau. It was the first of the jungle paintings for which the artist is chiefly known. It shows a tiger, illuminated by a flash of lightning, preparing to pounce on its prey in the midst of a raging gale.

Why did Rousseau call the Tiger surprised?

The tiger’s prey is beyond the edge of the canvas, so it is left to the imagination of the viewer to decide what the outcome will be, although Rousseau’s original title Surprised! suggests the tiger has the upper hand. Rousseau later stated that the tiger was about to pounce on a group of explorers.

Why did Rousseau paint the Tiger in the jungle?

Rousseau later stated that the tiger was about to pounce on a group of explorers. Despite their apparent simplicity, Rousseau’s jungle paintings were built up meticulously in layers, using a large number of green shades to capture the lush exuberance of the jungle.