What happened to Delta Chi Purdue?

What happened to Delta Chi Purdue?

She hasn’t received a formal apology from Delta Chi, either, namely because the Purdue chapter was suspended on May 4 after violations of endangerment, hazing and drug use, according to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The Purdue chapter of Delta Chi is no longer an existent organization,” he said.

Is Beta Theta Pi still at Penn State?

The Beta Theta Pi house has not housed an active fraternity chapter since its recognition was permanently revoked by the university and its charter suspended by its national organization in the weeks after Piazza, a 19-year-old sophomore, died from brain injuries and a lacerated spleen after falling head-first down the …

What kind of fraternity is Beta Theta Pi?

American social fraternity
Beta Theta Pi, commonly known as Beta, is a North American social fraternity that was founded in 1839 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. One of North America’s oldest fraternities, it currently consists of 118 active chapters and 20 colonies in the United States and Canada.

How many frats are at Purdue?

Purdue University is home to 11 cooperative houses and more than 80 fraternities and sororities. The Interfraternity Council governs 41 men’s fraternities at Purdue. The Multicultural Greek Council governs 10 multicultural fraternities and sororities.

Who is Brandon Cutler Purdue?

Brandon Cutler – Associate Dean of Students/Director of Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life – Purdue University | LinkedIn.

Does Penn State have sororities?

Social fraternities and sororities at Penn State consists of a diverse group of men and women who help create smaller communities within the large university environment. Penn State’s fraternities and sororities are committed to the basic principles of membership: Academic Achievement.

Is beta a good fraternity?

Known for its award-winning Men of Principle initiative, Beta Theta Pi ranks among the top 10 fraternities in North America for number of chapters, undergraduate members and living alumni.

What does Beta Theta Pi stand for?

About Beta Theta Pi To do this, the five core values of Mutual Assistance, Responsible Conduct, Trust, Intellectual Growth, and Integrity were defined to pave the way for Beta Theta Pi’s members.