What happened McClatchy pension?

What happened McClatchy pension?

On September 04, 2020, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation took responsibility as trustee for the defined benefit pension plan sponsored by The McClatchy Company. The McClatchy Company Retirement Plan ended as of August 31, 2020. The plan covers more than 24,000 workers and retirees.

Does Caterpillar have a pension plan?

Overview. Caterpillar offers a 401(k) Plan that allows you to save for retirement through pretax or Roth after-tax contributions, company matching contributions and an annual employer contribution.

What does 100 joint and survivor pension mean?

A joint-and-survivor annuity pays you during your lifetime and then continues to pay your spouse or other named beneficiary. You might be able to choose either a 100, 75, or 50 percent joint-and-survivor annuity. The 100 percent option gives your survivor the same monthly benefit that you received.

How do I contact McClatchy?

Contact McClatchy

  1. Headquarters. 1601 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 100. Sacramento, CA 95816.
  2. Customer Service. Toll free 1-844-445-5715. [email protected]
  3. Financial / Investor Inquiries. Stephanie Zarate. Chief Accounting Officer & Treasurer.
  4. Media Inquiries. Susan Firey. 208-398-3524.
  5. Advertising Inquiries. Tony Berg.

What is the average pension in the US?

The average private pension in the United States today is about $10,788, according to data from the Pension Rights Center. Other types of pensions, such as government and military defined benefit plans, have a higher average per year.

What benefits does Caterpillar offer?

Healthcare coverage including medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and preventative exams and testing. Parental and adoption leave and infertility benefits. Life and disability insurance. Additional voluntary benefits, such as accident insurance, legal services and identify theft.

Do Caterpillar employees get discounts?

Caterpillar and Altorfer Rents would like to thank Caterpillar employees for their dedication to best-in-class products and services with 20% off Cat equipment rentals and 10% off other brands for all Caterpillar employees and retirees. All equipment available at store is eligible for discount.

How much does a spouse get from a pension?

5 percent of the employee’s normal, straight-life pension (90 percent x 0.55) . However, if the spouse’s age is less than that of the employee, the employee’s pension is reduced an additional 0.5 percentage point for each year the spouse is younger than age 65 .

What is a typical pension payout?

Some plans allow employees to make contributions, as well. When the employee retires, she receives a pension in the form of fixed monthly payments for the rest of her life. The benefit amount is calculated, using a formula that may also take into account age. Typical pension factors might be 1.5 percent or 3 percent.

Where is McClatchy company located?

Sacramento, California

Type Public
Headquarters Sacramento, California
Key people Kevin McClatchy (Chairman) Tony Hunter (President and CEO)
Products Newspapers
Revenue US$709 million (2019)