What does Traminette wine go with?

What does Traminette wine go with?

Traminette Food Pairings A dry single varietal Traminette can accompany richer foods such as roasted meats and portobello mushrooms, but can also go with a light summer salad, dry cheeses like gruyere, or seafood such as oysters. Sweeter styles of the wine will go well with Thai green curry or dumplings with chili oil.

How do you serve a traminette?

Wine and food pairing guidelines: Gewürtz dry and off-dry pairs well with medium-bodied dishes especially those that are spicy, savory or slightly sweet. Sweet versions are usually consumed without food or with a sweet dessert.

What wine goes with pepper jack cheese?

Moscato and Muenster or Pepper Jack Both of these cheeses have spicy flavors and work best with sweet wine. Moscato is an off-dry and light-bodied white wine that is known for its orange blossom and lemon zest notes, as well as having aromatic flavors.

Is Traminette wine sweet or dry?

Traminette wines tend to be floral and spicy, and are made in both dry and off-dry styles. The variety was initially bred as a table grape, but its high quality saw it quickly find favor as a wine grape in the northeast states of Virginia, New York and Indiana.

Is traminette a grape?

‘Traminette’ is a late mid-season white wine grape (Fig. 1) which produces wine with pronounced varietal character likened to one of its parents, ‘Gewürztraminer’.

What does Traminette wine taste like?

Like its parent Gewürztraminer, Traminette is a versatile, beguiling grape. It exudes spicy and floral aromas, alongside flavors of lychee, apricot, and honey. These white wines can be made in off-dry and dry styles — the later often exhibit notes of apple and citrus.

How do you pronounce traminette?

Traminette (tra-men-et)

What cheese goes with Malbec?

What is a good malbec wine pairing? Malbecs love semi-hard cheeses that aren’t too salty. Asiago, cheddar, Colby, and gouda are all excellent choices. Malbecs can also go up against a soft blue cheese.

What type of wine is traminette?

white wine grape
‘Traminette’ is a late mid-season white wine grape (Fig. 1) which produces wine with pronounced varietal character likened to one of its parents, ‘Gewürztraminer’.

What goes good with Malbec wine?

You’ll find Malbec a great match for steak, pork, and lamb, as well as fattier fish like salmon and poultry with dark meat. Game meat—like bison, ostrich, and venison—are also a safe bet. In addition to meat pairings, consider foods with richer sauces or more vibrant flavors.

What foods go with Cabernet Sauvignon?

Six of the best pairings for Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Steak. The obvious one.
  • A good burger. Which is, after all, simply chopped steak.
  • Beef short ribs and other braised beef dishes. Slow-braised beef – or venison – can be great too especially when cooked in red wine.
  • Roast or grilled lamb.
  • Portabello mushrooms.
  • Cheese.