What does Sicav Raif mean?

What does Sicav Raif mean?

société d’investissement à capital variable
A RAIF may also be structured as a SICAV (société d’investissement à capital variable or investment company with variable capital – SICAV RAIF) organised under any of the available corporate forms: private limited liability company (société à responsabilité limitée – S.

Can a Sicav be an AIF?

SIFs and SICARs are AIFs and either need to appoint an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) or can be self-managed internally.

What is the difference between SICAV and UCITS?

SICAV vs. SICAFs are similar to closed-end funds in the U.S. SICAFs are an acronym for Société d’Investissement à Capital Fixe. They are traded on public market exchanges and operate with a fixed number of shares. UCITS structured SICAVs are actively cross-border marketed in Europe.

Is a Luxembourg SICAV a company?

The SICAV in Luxembourg A SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable) is a type of investment fund organized as an investment company that has a variable share capital. The value of its share capital must match at all time the value of its net assets. The SICAV may be organized as a public limited company.

Can a SICAV be a UCITS?

SICAVs are regulated under European law. Their structuring can be guided by either the Undertakings for the Collective Investment of Transferable Securities (UCITS) regulatory framework or the specialized investment fund (SIF) framework.

What is the difference between a feeder fund and a fund of fund?

Fund of funds (FoFs) are a special category of mutual fund schemes that invest into other funds. That separates them from traditional MF schemes that invest into securities, equity or fixed income. A feeder fund is a special type of FoF that invests into a specific single fund such as a global fund.

What is a leveraged AIF?

It defines leverage as “any method by which the AIFM increases the exposure of an AIF it manages whether through borrowing of cash securities, or leverage embedded in derivative positions or by any other means”. …

Is SICAV a hedge fund?

A Société d’investissement à Capital Variable, or SICAV fund, is a publicly-traded open-end investment fund structure offered in Europe. SICAV funds are similar to open-end mutual funds in the U.S. Shares in the fund are bought and sold based on the fund’s current net asset value (NAV).