What does BC mean on a Mini Cooper?

What does BC mean on a Mini Cooper?

BC stands for board computer. I guess as is ‘onboard computer’. Germans love efficiency. From the service manual or resetting the service light. “Pressing the BC (board computer) button repeatedly on the end of the turn signal stalk will allow the display to scroll through all of the condition based service items.”

What does the BC button do?

you press it when you out of condom cuz it stands for Birth Control.

How do I unlock BMW main menu?


  1. Figure out the CODE. Add the last 5 digits of your VIN.
  2. Please turn on the key to position I (ACC). If your BMW has Start/Stop button, press it twice without pressing the brake pedal.
  3. Press and hold the odometer reset button for ten seconds.
  4. Unlock the hidden menu.
  5. You will see Lock ON—code 00.

Why are BMW turn signals bad?

BMW drivers don’t use their turn signals because, they are either driving someone else’s car, or they think of themselves higher than the people around them. Instead, look at the car.

Are BMW turn signals optional?

No, BMW cars don’t normally come with turn signals. This is an extra cost option.

What does the diamond button on BMW key do?

It describes a “Headlight courtesy delay feature”, but exactly what this function does is very unclear. The text reads, “If the high-beam headlights are activated with standby state switched on, the low-beam headlights remain on for a of time”.

What do the buttons on my steering wheel mean?

The steering wheel of the vehicle has a number of controls on it so that the driver can change settings without ever looking away from the road. The buttons on the wheels can switch between stations or station presets. They can also turn on “scan” mode on the radio. The volume can be adjusted as well.

What is the E46 BMW 3 series?

The E46 was the fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series, but only the third edition that BMW crowned with an M3 marque. Series forefather, the BMW E21, had to make do without a sportier model with motorsport genes.

When did the Anan M3 E46 coupé come out?

AN M3 FOR THE MILLENNIUM. The BMW M3 E46 Coupé took the hearts of real sports car fans by storm when it launched in 2000. With a low weight construction and the high-rev concept of its inline 6-cylinder engine, for many it embodied a return to the virtues of the iconic BMW M3 E30.

Why does the E46 M3 have gills on the front fender?

From a side profile, the E46 M3‘s chrome-plated gills in the upper part of the front fender are a standout feature. These were originally designed as an air duct for cooling the engine. During testing, however, it turned out that the ducts were not necessary.

What is the BMW M series S54B32 engine?

Outstanding performance is provided by the typical BMW M Series 6-cylinder engine. The 3.2-litre S54B32 engine built on the legacy of its predecessor. Nevertheless, it was an almost entirely new development.