What do you say when calling expired listings?

What do you say when calling expired listings?

1. Sean Moudry’s Expired Listing Introduction Script

  1. “Yes, still for sale.” or “Why do you ask?”
  2. OR: “No, it’s not for sale.”
  3. “Yes, I already sold my house.”
  4. OR: “We decided not to sell (or to rent it…to wait…and so forth).”
  5. “Yes.”
  6. “I am going to use the same agent.”

How do I approach expired listings?

7 Ways to Nurture & Convert Expired Listings Leads

  1. Send an Expired Listing Letter.
  2. Set Up Drip Marketing Campaigns.
  3. Advertise on Social Media.
  4. Execute SMS Marketing Campaigns.
  5. Send Attention-getting Mailers to Expired Listing Leads.
  6. Call & Email Expired Listing Owners Directly.
  7. Offer a Marketing Strategy Presentation.

Can I call an expired listing?

Time blocking is imperative when it comes to calling expired listings. Start calling at around 8 am to be one of the first agents to contact the seller. Plan to make new expired calls from 8-10 am. Then you can start calling older expired listings and follow up afterward.

How do I get an expired listing phone number?

5. Use Mashboard to gather expired listings phone numbers. Mashboard is the best way to get information on property owners that have expired listings. Real estate agents who find expired listings through the MLS need a way to get phone numbers and other information on property owners in order to get in touch with them.

What does it mean when listing is expired?

An expired listing is a property that has not sold by the end of the period stipulated in the listing contract between the seller and the listing agent. Whether you stick with your current agent or hire someone new, the property will have to be relisted again, creating a new listing on the MLS.

What are real estate scripts?

A real estate script is a pre-planned phone or text conversation designed to establish a connection with a possible buyer or seller.

What happens when a listing expires?

What does an expired listing mean?

What Are Expired Real Estate Listings? Expired MLS listings have been on the market without any activity. This period of inactivity stretched beyond the contract period that the realtor and seller agreed upon, causing the listing to expire.

How do you call expired leads?

Use your Landvoice lead management system or another CRM to schedule the next follow up date for each expired lead. If you say you will call them on a specific day and time, then call them on that specific day and time.

What does listing expired mean?

An expired listing is a property that has not sold by the end of the period stipulated in the listing contract between the seller and the listing agent. If you aren’t sure of the status of your listing, whether active, expired, or withdrawn, take a look at your listing agreement and talk to your real estate agent.

Why do listings expire?

On of the daily rituals of most Realtors is to check the daily log of homes that have come up “expired.” What an expired listing means is the contract between the Realtor and the seller is over. The number one reason why any home expires, of course, is that is priced improperly.

What does expired pending mean?

Expired (X): The expired status is for properties for which the listing period has expired. Pending (P): The pending status is for properties that have an accepted contract and the seller has instructed their agent to cease marketing and/or showing the property.