What DNS servers does BT use?

What DNS servers does BT use?

UK ISP and Best Public DNS Server Settings for 2021

Provider/ISP DNS servers
BT Broadband DNS
PlusNet DNS
Sky Broadband DNS

How do I find my BT DNS server?

How to check your DNS settings

  1. Click on Start, select Control Panel then double click on Network Connections.
  2. Right-click on the network connection in use and select Properties.
  3. Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  4. Make sure “Obtain an IP address automatically” is selected.

What is the best DNS server for my location?

Best Free & Public DNS Servers (Valid January 2022)

  • Google: 8.8. 8.8 & 8.8. 4.4.
  • Quad9: 9.9. 9.9 & 149.112. 112.112.
  • OpenDNS: 208.67. 222.222 & 208.67. 220.220.
  • Cloudflare: 1.1. 1.1 & 1.0. 0.1.
  • CleanBrowsing: 185.228. 168.9 & 185.228. 169.9.
  • Alternate DNS: 76.76. 19.19 & 76.223. 122.150.
  • AdGuard DNS: 94.140. 14.14 & 94.140.

What are DNS server addresses?

A DNS server is a computer server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in most cases serves to resolve, or translate, those names to IP addresses as requested. DNS servers run special software and communicate with each other using special protocols.

What is the default gateway for a BT Home Hub?
192.168. 1.254 is the default gateway for your devices I.e the hub.

How do I find the DNS for my website?

Checking DNS from Windows

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button, type “cmd” in the Search field and press “Enter” key to open a command prompt window.
  2. Type “ping -a x.x.x.x” at the command prompt, where “x.x.x.x” is the IP address assigned to your Web server by the hosting company.

What is the difference between DNS and IP address?

What is the difference between IP and DNS? IP and DNS are both naming systems for addressing namespaces allocated for entities in a Network. While the IP addresses are the actual locations where the entities are located, DNS only gives the entity a Name, based on some standard rules.

Where is the IP address on a BT Home Hub?

You can view and make changes to your Hub’s IP and DHCP settings (if you need to revert to the default settings, there’s a Reset to default button on the top right of the page). The default IP address is 192.168. 1.254 but you can change that here. You can switch the Hub’s DHCP server on and off.

How do I find my hubs IP address?

How to find the IP address of your router using Windows

  1. Right-click the Windows icon in the bottom-left of your screen, and select “Command Prompt.”
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type “IPCONFIG” and press Enter.
  3. Find the “Default Gateway” section. The number listed here is your router’s IP address.