What are the responsibilities of the nurse in drug therapy?

What are the responsibilities of the nurse in drug therapy?

The nurse determines which signifi cant interactions will occur between the core drug knowledge and the core patient variables. The nurse then recommends strategies based on those interactions to maximize the therapeutic effect and minimize the adverse effects of drug therapy.

What is the role of a student nurse in drug administration?

Student nurses may act as a witness in the management and administration of controlled drugs, however this will vary according with local policy. This introduces the possibility of errors into the patient’s care, therefore delegation of drug administration should be carefully considered.

What is one of your main responsibilities in medication administration?

Educate client about medications. Educate client on medication self-administration procedures. Prepare and administer medications, using rights of medication administration. Review pertinent data prior to medication administration (e.g., contraindications, lab results, allergies, potential interactions)

What are the legal responsibilities of a student nurse?

As a nursing student, you will be responsible for learning the rules and regulations for maintaining a good relationship with your patients to avoid malpractice lawsuits. They are considered to be liaisons between the healthcare and legal systems in cases of personal injury, medical malpractice or criminal law.

Can student nurses administer medicines?

Student nurses are only to administer medication under the direct supervision of an RCH employed Registered Nurse (as per RCH policy).

What is the nurses role and responsibility in safe medication administration?

Nurses’ responsibility for medication administration includes ensuring that the right medication is properly drawn up in the correct dose, and administered at the right time through the right route to the right patient. To limit or reduce the risk of administration errors, many hospitals employ a single-dose system.

What is the nurse’s role and responsibility in safe medication administration?

The nurse has the right to legible, clearly written medication orders that specify the dosage, route, and time for medication administration. The nurse also has the right to receive the correct form of the drug from the pharmacist and to access information about the drug.