Is Toulouse a good saddle?

Is Toulouse a good saddle?

This saddle offers incredible quality for the price. It is made with attention to detail that is often not found in saddles costing twice as much. Comfort Fit Panels found in Marcel Toulouse saddles enable riders to enjoy the benefits of both foam and wool flocking.

Where are Henri de Rivel saddles made?

Conceived and designed in Europe, Henri de Rivel saddles are manufactured in Argentina. Using the finest Argentine leather, these highly popular saddles are made to the highest standards of material selection, quality and craftsmanship.

Are Toulouse saddles wool flocked?

M. Toulouse Platinum series saddles are crafted with premium double leather and have wool flocked Soft-Touch panels. Most are available with fixed trees or with the Genesis Adjustable Tree System™.

What saddle does Charlotte Dujardin use?

Well, Your Horse magazine has the answer: Charlotte rides in an Equipe Emporia Special. The saddle is a firm favourite with the leading dressage rider and in 2016 it was this saddle that Charlotte rode in when she achieved individual gold at the Rio Olympics on Valegro.

Are Henri de Rivel saddles good?

Henri de Rivel make beautiful, quality saddles that are comfortable for both horse and rider. HDR make saddles following a French design and are notably fine quality. They are made for the dedicated rider, and you will find great levels of good value, state of the art engineering and design of the saddles.

Are Henri de Rivel saddles wool flocked?

Forge a deeper connection with your horse. The Parisian Monoflap Dressage saddle by Henri de Rivel is wool flocked with changeable gullets.

Are M Toulouse saddles wool flocked?

How much does a close contact saddle weigh?

Close contact saddles are used in disciplines that call for more mobility in the saddle, such as jumping and foxhunting. They usually weigh between 10 – 15 lbs.

What is double leather saddle?

Toulouse Annice Double Leather Saddle is hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented, aniline finished, high quality leather which will accept oil. They offer a ten year guarantee on the hand laminated beech wood, steel reinforced trees. The seat has extra padding, which gives you a more comfortable ride.