Is the type-6 transporter good elite dangerous?

Is the type-6 transporter good elite dangerous?

Overview. The Type-6 Transporter is the cheapest medium ship on the market and an amazing trader. It is considered the next step up in terms of cargo capacity from the multipurpose Cobra MkIII. In combat, the Type-6 is second only to the Hauler as the worst ship in the role.

Is the python a good passenger ship?

The Python has a great jump range for short and medium-range missions, enough space for over 100 passengers in economy-class cabins, and the ability to refuel faster than most other ships on this list.

How many Hardpoints does a type 10 have?

Nine Hardpoints The hard-point names also indicate their position on the ship. The two small hard-points are located front-left and front-right.

Is the Keelback better than the Type-6?

Combined with more limited compartment space, the Keelback is a slightly less capable ship in the role than the Type-6. Compared to similar ships such as the Asp Scout, the Keelback generally does a much better job, but has a much lower jump range.

How much is a Type-6 transporter?

Type-6 Transporter
Manufacturer: Lakon Spaceways
Cost: 1,045,945 Cr
Top Speed*: 220 m/s

Is the Type 10 good?

The Type-10 is not only faster than its predecessor, it also has significantly stronger armour, the highest armour rating among all ships on the market, better heat management, double the utility slots, four added large weapon hardpoints, and two Military Compartments, making it a viable warship.

How many passengers can the dolphin hold?

The tourist class seating is located on the main deck and can accommodate 388 passengers. The forward saloon is equipped for 48 ‘dolphin’ class passengers, who can enjoy complimentary food and drinks.

Does Keelback have fighter Bay?

The Keelback has one role it shines in: mining. With its two medium hardpoints, large cargo space, fighter bay for protection and smaller size the Keelback is one of the best ships available for the job and is by far the cheapest ship that is extremely effective in the role.

How much can a Type 10 carry?

The type 10 can load 14 rounds in the autoloader, 2 rounds behind the gunner, and 6 rounds in the ammunition storage, and a total of 22 rounds.