Is the actress who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

Is the actress who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

‘General Hospital’ star Kirsten Storms clarifies she is not pregnant in real life.

What’s going on with Maxie from General Hospital?

“General Hospital” viewers won’t be seeing Maxie Jones on-screen for a while as the actress playing her, Kirsten Storms, recovers from brain surgery. Maxie’s absence was necessitated because Storms, 37, underwent surgery in early June to remove a benign cyst from the lower part of her brain.

Who did Maxie give her baby to?

She gives birth to a baby girl, whom Dante and Lulu name Connie Falconeri. When the truth about Connie comes out, Maxie and Spinelli decide that they want their daughter back, but Lulu wants to keep the baby. All four go to court, where Lulu and Maxie attack each other.

What is wrong with Lenny on General Hospital?

When Lenny collapsed in the bar, he confided to Phyllis that he had been diagnosed with heart trouble. However, the following month, Lenny’s condition worsened and when Phyllis insisted he see a specialist in New York City, it was revealed that he had advanced pancreatic cancer.

Did Kristen storm have brain surgery?

Kirsten Storms is stepping back from General Hospital to focus on her health after undergoing brain surgery. She shared details of her diagnosis and surgery to remove a large cyst, thanking fans for their support.

Is Carly on General Hospital married in real life?

Personal life Wright married architect John Wright on October 7, 1995. They have two children. In April 2016, Wright announced that she and John decided to end their marriage. As of 2017, Wright is in a relationship with her General Hospital co-star Wes Ramsey.

How are Nina and Maxie related?

Storylines. Detective Nathan West arrives in Port Charles, and meets Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) when he sublets her apartment. Maxie leaves on a vacation, while Nathan settles in Port Charles. It’s later revealed Nathan is actually Nina’s brother.

Who is Bailey’s father on GH?

Louise “Lu” Jones is a fictional character on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital. She is the daughter of antagonist Peter August and his ex-fiancee, Maxie Jones. She is illegally being raised by Brook Lynn Quartermaine and first Valentin Cassadine, then Harrison Chase, as Bailey Lois Quartermaine.

What is the tan o on General Hospital?

The Tan-O as a bar located in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania. It is owned by husband and wife, the late Lenny Caulfield and Nurse Phyllis Caulfield. It was destroyed in a fire set by Peter August.

Why is Rif Hutton leaving General Hospital?

Rif Hutton, who joined GH in January as Lenny, has exited the show after the sad passing of his alter ego. “It’s been a wonderful run,” he says. “I hate saying good-bye.” Lenny was actually Hutton’s second GH character.