Is liposuction high risk?

Is liposuction high risk?

Conclusions: Liposuction performed alone is a safe procedure with a low risk of major complications. Combined procedures, especially on obese or older individuals, can significantly increase complication rates.

Can liposuction cause permanent nerve damage?

However, the nerve damage that occurs after plastic surgery can be catastrophic….Nerve Damage by Procedure.

Procedure Effect of Nerve Damage
Tummy tuck Numbness and tingling of abdominal skin
Liposuction Numbness at incision sites Numbness and tingling in liposuctioned areas

What is the death rate for liposuction?

Cosmetic surgery, and elective surgery in general, is safe when performed in an accredited facility by properly trained board-certified plastic surgeons. The mortality rate for outpatient surgery is 0.25–0.50 per 100,000 procedures. The mortality rate today for liposuction is 1.3:50,000.

What happens to your body after liposuction?

What happens after the liposuction? After the procedure, you can expect to feel mild discomfort, and see bruising, redness and swelling. Prescribed medications can help ease the discomfort. You may be instructed to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and promote healing.

Why does liposuction cause death?

The most frequent major complications that can lead to death in a patient undergoing liposuction is pulmonary thromboembolism, which represents more than 23% of deaths.

Why do I feel burning after liposuction?

Tightness and stiffness in the area of liposuction, bruising, swelling, burning or intermittent shooting pain. These are normal experiences as the skin, muscles and tissue stretch as sensory nerves heal. Pain medication and muscle relaxants will help you cope with any discomfort.

Has anyone died during liposuction?

Five deaths after tumescent liposuction were found among 48,527 deaths referred to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York from 1993 to 1998, according to a report published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The 5 victims ranged from ages 33 to 54. Four of the 5 patients were women.

What are some liposuction complications and risks?


  • Blood buildup (hematoma) with risk of infection
  • Fluid buildup (seroma) with risk of infection
  • Worsening cellulite
  • Loose-hanging skin
  • Skin burns or discoloration
  • Skin scarring
  • Irregularities
  • Unanticipated results that do not meet patient expectations
  • What are possible complications of having thigh liposuction?

    The following risks, unpleasant side effects, or complications are possible: Severe bruising: This can last for several weeks. Inflammation: The swelling may take up to 6 months to settle, and fluid may continue to ooze from the incisions. Thrombophlebitis: A blood clot forms in a vein, causing inflammation and further complications.

    What are potential liposuction side effects?


  • Inflammation
  • Numbness
  • Distress
  • Disorders of your skin
  • Blood clots
  • Illness
  • Allergic effect to the medicine or anesthesia
  • Skin damage
  • Too much liquid reduction
  • What are the side effects of facial liposuction?

    A patient might experience temporary swelling and numbness in and around the treated areas.

  • Irritation,scarring and minor scarring around the incisions and baggy or rippling skin are also temporary side effects of the surgery.
  • More serious threats include permanent change in skin colour and damage to nerves and skin.