How much does a Richard Mille cost?

How much does a Richard Mille cost?

Richard Mille retail prices range between $60,000 – $1,300,000 MSRP. The average Richard Mille watch costs approximately $200,000 at retail MSRP. Complications, materials, and limited edition collections are all factors that contribute to how much a Richard Mille watch costs.

How much does RM watch cost?

Prices at a Glance: Richard Mille Watches

Model Price (approx.) Case material
RM 055 Bubba Watson 390,000 USD Ceramic
RM 11-03 405,000 USD Rose gold
RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal 774,000 USD Quartz TPT/carbon TPT
RM 052 Skull 1.14 million USD Titanium

Can you tell time on a Richard Mille?

Richard Mille RM 63-02 It’s designed to show two time zones simultaneously: local time on the main hands, while home time is indicated on a disc at three o’clock located appropriately enough beside the silhouette of a house.

What is the most expensive Richard Mille?

Launched in 2014, the Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 56-02 is the most expensive watch from the brand today, coming in at $2 million USD.

Is Richard Mille a billionaire?

The champagne was on ice at Richard Mille’s production facilities in Les Breuleux. It’ll be a couple more months, then, before Richard Mille becomes the Swiss watch industry’s eighth billionaire brand, joining Audemars Piguet which passed the billion mark in 2019.

Is Richard Mille a person?

After studying marketing in Besançon, Richard Mille (born 13 February 1951, Draguignan, France) started work at Finhor, a local watchmaking company in 1974. The company was bought by Matra in 1981 and Richard Mille rose to manage Matra’s watchmaking business, which then included the brands Yema and Cupillard Rième.

How can you tell a fake Richard Mille?

A few things to look at: color and font, engravings, the movement and the weight. Fake Richard Mille watches may simply have a different look on the front — especially with the telltale Richard Mille font. The same goes for the engravings — if they look misshapen or sandy, chances are you’re holding a counterfeit.

Do Richard Mille watches tick?

Richard Mille’s unique amalgamations of sharp design ticks with advanced technology has long made its watches a favourite with both horologists and design buffs.

What is an RM watch?

Richard Mille watches are the most expensive racing machines for the wrist. Just like a Formula 1 car, they are far more than the sum of their parts, elevating timekeeping to the highest form of technical art.

Who is the CEO of Richard Mille?

Peter Harrison
Richard Mille & Peter Harrison, CEO Richard Mille Europe, Middle East and Africa today welcomed friends Rafa Nadal, Toni Nadal and Jean Todt to the official opening of the new Paris Boutique on Avenue Matignon.

Does Richard Mille use battery?

Richard Mille watch battery replacement Our technicians replace batteries for all Richard Mille models of ladies and mens wrist-watch.

Does Richard Mille tick?

How much does a Richard Mille watch cost?

Prices at a Glance: Richard Mille Watches Model Price (approx.) Case material RM 033 80,500 USD Rose gold RM 005 122,000 USD Titanium RM 16-01 Bonbon 215,000 USD Quartz TPT/carbon TPT RM 011 Felipe Massa 244,000 USD Rose gold

When did the Richard Mille RM 001 come out?

After three years of development, Richard Mille presented their first watch, the RM 001, at Baselworld 2001. This timepiece inducted the brand into the haute horlogerie scene almost overnight. Today, these watches are among the most exclusive the industry has to offer.

What makes the RM 029 so special?

The RM 029 is a pure lifestyle watch, combining with elegance, exceptional lines, useful functionalities and unmistakable personality. The objective was to improve the ergonomics of the watch by making the date easily legible under all conditions with an oversize date mechanism.

How much does a Richard Mille RM 65-01 automatic split-seconds chronograph cost?

For example, the RM 052 Skull houses a tourbillon in its rose gold case. Its baseplate and bridges are titanium and shaped like a human skull. You can call this unique Richard Mille creation your own for roughly 1.14 million USD. One of the latest additions to the Richard Mille catalog is the RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph.