How much does a Pearl marching snare cost?

How much does a Pearl marching snare cost?

Pearl Championship Marching Snare Drum

Product Model Price
13″x11″ White Pearl Championship FFX Snare Drum PEA-FFXM1311/A-33 $639.95
13″x11″ Midnight Black Pearl Championship FFX Snare Drum PEA-FFXM1311/A-46 $639.95
14″x12″ White Pearl Championship FFX Snare Drum PEA-FFXM1412/A-33 $709.95

How heavy are Pearl marching snare drums?

13.8 lbs
Pearl Medalist Pipe Snare Drum – 14×12 The Pearl Champion Medalist Pipe Band Snare Drum is light weight (13.8 lbs) with a brilliant tonal quality.

Are snare drums used in marching bands?

Snare drums are often used in orchestras, concert bands, marching bands, parades, drumlines, drum corps, and more. It is one of the central pieces in a drum set, a collection of percussion instruments designed to be played by a seated drummer and used in many genres of music.

What drums do the Blue Devils use?

LUDWIG PERFORMANCE SERIES PERCUSSION The Ludwig Performances Series Features: Innovative design with carbon fiber construction which puts this equipment in a class all by itself.

Are tenors harder than snare?

The tenor drums are significantly heavier and require more arm movement to play the multiple drums of the instrument. While tenor drums are overall more difficult due to their weight and the arm movement required to play, snare drum parts are more technically challenging.

What are the 4 drums called in marching band?

The battery usually consists of snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums, and cymbals. In the past, marching timpani were common, as were marching keyboard percussion instruments such as glockenspiels and xylophones.

Why choose Pearl marching drums?

Pearl marching drums, carriers, stands and accessories set the standard for sound and durability with industry-leading innovation and Legendary Performance. Proudly used by the world’s top drum corps and ensembles.

What is the best shell for a marching drum?

Championship Maple is the classic Pearl marching sound, featuring a 6-ply Maple shell for a warm, resonant sound. 6-ply Poplar/Kapur composite shells provide a lightweight yet durable drum featuring full tone and response.

Are Pearl snare drums made in USA?

Uniquely refined, American-made solid shell snare drums, hand crafted with time-honored precision. Yielding solid shell tonal snare spike from a bright mix of hardwoods, Pearl’s StaveCraft snare drums are the perfect fusion of old-world workmanship and new-school performance.

Why choose Pearl snare?

Pearl’s easy-to-operate OneTouch Snare Strainer system is the lightest on the market, removing unnecessary weight from the drum while providing dependable tuning of the guts. Elegantly Simple. Incredibly Solid. Our industry-leading Air Frame Carriers combine a lightweight, simplistic design with rugged durability.