How much does a drip torch cost?

How much does a drip torch cost?

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What would a drip torch be used for?

A drip torch is a useful tool for prescribed burning and removing fine fuel to stop wildfires because it allows an ignition person or crew to quickly and safely ignite fire in specific locations, and establish a continuous line of fire when desired.

What fuel goes in a drip torch?

Gasoline, diesel, and kerosene are the fuels most often used in drip torches. Recommended mixture ratios depend on personal preference and ambient temperatures. A common mixture is 60% diesel or kerosene and 40% gasoline when temperatures exceed 75ºF. When temperatures are below 75ºF, a 50:50 ratio may be used.

How much does a drip torch weigh?

The KCR Drip Torch has a capacity of 1.25 gallons and features a 15 gauge seamless aluminum fountain, a double bottom and a full length handle. The KCR Drip Torch weighs 5 and half pounds.

How does a Helitorch work?

There are a couple different types of helitorch, but they all work largely the same way: combine aviation gasoline (which doesn’t evaporate as quickly as standard gas) and a gelling agent (CAL FIRE uses something called Flash 21), light it on fire, and shoot it out of a giant contraption hanging a few dozen feet below …

What is the best mixture for a drip torch?

Mixing Drip Torch Fuel When mixing fuel in drip torches, use 50% diesel fuel to 50% gasoline, in average (mild) temperatures. When temperatures are hotter, bump up the ratio to 60:40 or in very hot conditions, 70:30.

How full should a drip torch be?