How much are drinks at XS Las Vegas?

How much are drinks at XS Las Vegas?

How much are drinks at XS Las Vegas? Mixed Drinks Start at $15 – $20, Beers $10, Shots $10.

How much is a cabana at XS?

Cabanas require minimums that are $2,000 to $6,000 for “Upper Level Cabanas”, and “Lower Level Cabanas. On DJ headliner performance nights, the “Lower Level Cabanas” start at $6,000, and the “Upper Level Cabanas” are $2,000 to $3,000 based on 10 people in your group.

What is included in bottle service?

Bottle service is a sales technique used in bars and nightclubs in which guests purchase a bottle of liquor and are also provided with reserved seating, a bottle server, and a variety of drink mixers.

Can you wear shorts to XS?

In order to attend XS Nightclub guests will want to adhere to the club dress code. Men should wear nice jeans or dress pants, a collared shirt/sport coat, and dress shoes. Please avoid wearing shorts, sandals, hats, jerseys, or athletic attire.

What does bottle service look like?

A true bottle service involves a large bottle of liquor—often vodka or tequila—and includes a cart or tray of mixers like club soda, ginger ale, cola, cranberry juice, limes, and lemons. Energy drinks like Red Bull are popular, too.

Does Xs have a dress code?

XS Dress Code A nice pair of slacks or jeans, a collared shirt, with some nice dress shoes will do. No athletic shoes, jerseys, baggy clothes or hats/ballcaps allowed. It’s Vegas!

Who owns XS Las Vegas?

This is why I find the story of Jesse Waits, co-owner of XS Las Vegas and Tryst Nightclub, so fascinating.

How much is a bottle of alcohol at XS Las Vegas?

For the drink prices, the standard rate of alcohol bottles tend to start at around $500 and go up as high as $3000 per bottle. A bottle of Vodka might cost you around $575 and you can get a bottle of Scotch at $595. It is important to note that the drink prices tend to vary from time to time. How Can I book bottle services at XS, Las Vegas?

What is bottle service at XS Nightclub?

When you get bottle service at XS nightclub you get quicker entry, your own real estate inside the club to party, dance, and socialize. You’ll find your reservation includes your own waitress, security staff and busser.

How much is a table at XS Las Vegas?

Entry level tables at XS Las Vegas start at $1,000 and are typically at locations on the patio of the club. Tables in the main room are priced starting at $2,000. Bigger tables in the main room start at $2,000 and the best tables are priced at $5,000 and above. The best tables will have you on the dance floor or by the DJ booth.

What kind of club is XS Las Vegas?

Featuring an outdoor patio, a poolside area, and a massive dance floor, the XS nightclub is everything you could ask for. The design of the club has derived its inspiration from the curves of the human body and is complemented with the rich gold, brown, and black color scheme. How much is the drink services minimum spends at XS, Las Vegas?