How many Pakistani embassy are there in Germany?

How many Pakistani embassy are there in Germany?

Pakistan in Germany In addition to Pakistan’s embassy in Berlin, Pakistan has four other representations in Germany. These representations include consulates in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich.

Who is Pakistani ambassador in Germany?

Jauhar Saleem
Jauhar Saleem. Jauhar Saleem is a Pakistani career diplomat. He has served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany since January 2016.

Is Germany Visa open for Pakistan?

Pakistan nationals who could not use their national German visa because of the travel restrictions related to COVID-19 will be allowed to re-apply until August 8, announced the German Embassy in Islamabad this Friday.

How can I check my passport status in Pakistan?

Track your Application Status

  1. Please enter your token number to check receipt of passport at the Embassy.
  2. If you have applied for first-ever passport, please enter your CNIC/NICOP number to check the status of your police inquiry.

Which European country first accepted Pakistan?

International recognition of Pakistan After Pakistan gained its independence in August 1947, the Commonwealth were the first countries to recognize its sovereign status. The United States was the first non-Muslim country to recognize Pakistan and France was the first country where Pakistan’s flag was raised.

How can I go to Germany from Pakistan?

To apply for a German student visa in Pakistan, you have to open a blocked account, buy travel insurance, collect all the required documents, make an appointment with the German Embassy/Consulate in Pakistan, and enter the visa interview. The exact process differs depending on which German Mission you will apply in.

What does the Consulate General of Pakistan in Frankfurt am Main do?

Welcome to the website of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Frankfurt am Main. We are mainly responsible for provision of multifaceted consular services to our expatriates and others who wish to avail relevant consular services.

How to renounce your Pakistani passport in Germany?

Two photocopies of valid Pakistani passport. Deposit the Renunciation application fee €15 in person with EC card at the consulate with €1.00 bank service charges. Bank details for online fee payment. Authorized English translation of Einbuergerungszusicherung original with two photocopies

Where can I get an entry visa for Pakistan?

Some of our services are being provided online only, such as Pakistani Identity Cards and entry visas for Pakistan. Applicants may avail these services directly through relevant portals. Others are being offered at the Consulate General.