How does a swing yarder work?

How does a swing yarder work?

Used for hauling logs on steep ground, when rigged with a grapple provides a fast, safe method for hauling logs. Swing yarders are usually rigged with main rope, haulback and a closing rope when running a grapple.

What does a yarder do?

A yarder is piece of logging equipment that uses a system of cables to pull or fly logs from the stump to a collection point. It generally consists of an engine, drums, and spar, but has a range of configurations and variations, such as the swing yarder.

How does a yarder carriage work?

This type of carriage uses a two drum yarder. The mainline passes through the carriage and becomes the skidding line. The carriage, after it is clamped to the skyline, acts as a block through which the mainline is pulled by the choker setter.

How does a grapple yarder work?

A swing yarder is a mobile piece of heavy duty forestry equipment used for pulling logs from the woods to a logging road with cables. The swing yarder is also known as a grapple yarder. The swing yarder has several drums to pull in the cables. The cables run up an angled boom and then to the far side of a setting.

What is skidding in forestry?

A skidder is any type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest in a process called “skidding”, in which the logs are transported from the cutting site to a landing.

Who invented the yarder?

The Yarder Mfg. Co. was originally founded in the early 1900’s by Stanley Walter Yarder.

Why do skidders have blades?

Wheeled skidders typically have a small blade mounted on the front that can be used to push material out of the way and level small ground obstructions. Tracked skidders are generally used where large loads are being pulled up steeper slopes or where the logger wants a machine that can help build roads and landings.

What is manual skidding?

Introduction. Skidding is the transportation of logs or trees in the forest by dragging partially. or wholly on the ground (FAO 1974). It is either done manually or by the use of. tractor machines which vary in size and capacity.

How does a swing yarder move logs?

A swing yarder can move logs past its position by lifting and swinging it. This is an important distinction, because you can get swing yarders into compact areas or even right near a road so you can more easily use a truck-mounted or stationary log loader instead of a wheeled or tracked alternative that has to actually go down and pick up the log.

What is the difference between a tower yarder and a swing yarder?

Tower yarders are more traditional and can do the basic task of grabbing a log and pulling it up the side of a steep incline, but they are limited in where they can actually place it. A swing yarder can move logs past its position by lifting and swinging it.

How tall is the EDCO Mustang swing yarder?

EDCO Mustang Swing Yarder, 50′ Yarding Height, KT 1150 Cummins, 3 Stage Torque, Mounted on 4 Axle American Crane, 350 Cummins in Lower unit, Power Swing for Roadside Decking, 2150′ X 1″ Skyline, 25…See More Details

What is a log yarder?

TMY90, Call for info. Yarders are machines that get logs from the bottom of a hillside, mountainside, or ravine up to a place where they can be loaded and transported. It used to be that someone would have to manually attach chains to a log and then send them up.