How do you use the crowbar on 24 Carrot Island?

How do you use the crowbar on 24 Carrot Island?

Return right to Charlie’s store and when you enter, you will receive the promised crowbar. Head back outside and continue to the right. Climb along the factory roof and drop down the other side, then return to the vent you found a moment ago. You can pry it open now, using the crowbar.

How do you get the camel in Poptropica?

Go back to the bazaar, and climb the tower to reach the spyglass. Click on it and look around the desert again. The thief appears. She’ll steal your camel, and this time, she’ll lead it to the thieves’ secret hideout.

How do you finish 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica?

Back on Main Street, talk to the mayor, and he’ll give you the Island Medallion and credits to spend at the store. Congratulations, you have completed 24 Carrot Island!

What is the 41st Poptropica Island?

Arabian Nights Island is Poptropica’s 41st island, and the first episode was released to members on October 2, 2014. The login screen featured kids being chased by some of the Forty Thieves. Episode 1 was released to non-members on October 23, 2014.

How do you get the pink master thief in the palace?

Once you’re in the palace atrium, go right and head over to the open door on the right side. There, you’ll find the pink master thief looking at a piece of paper and crying over it. Before you can ask what’s going on, the pink thief notices you and flees.

How does the master thief get the genie out of the lamp?

As a result, the master thief tries to make a wish but is cut off by the large henchman, who wishes to pulverize everything he touches. The genie gives him just that wish, and it resultantly causes the hideout to collapse and the lamp to be broken, and resultantly free the genie.

What are the 40 Thieves in the Arabian bazaar?

You’ll start the episode in a distressed Arabian bazaar, which is a Middle Eastern marketplace. The citizens will inform you that the 40 Thieves have ransacked the entire town and left it in ruins! That’s the premise: The 40 thieves are ransacking the town. Find their hideout and put a stop to it!