How do you remove a class in HTML?

How do you remove a class in HTML?

To remove a class from an element, you use the remove() method of the classList property of the element.

How do you remove a class?

Delete a class

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account.
  2. At the top, click Menu .
  3. Scroll down and click Archived classes. Note: If you haven’t archived any classes, this option won’t be in the menu.​
  4. On the class card, click More. Delete.
  5. Click Delete to confirm.

How do I remove a class from a document?

jQuery – removeClass( class ) Method

  1. Description. The removeClass( class ) method removes all or the specified class(es) from the set of matched elements.
  2. Syntax. Here is the simple syntax to use this method − selector.removeClass( class )
  3. Parameters.
  4. Example.

How do you remove a class in CSS?

To remove all CSS classes of an element, we use removeClass() method. The removeClass() method is used to remove one or more class names from the selected element.

How do you add and remove a class?

  1. Adding a class: $(‘selector’). addClass(class_name);
  2. Removing a class: $(‘selector’). removeClass(class_name);

How add and remove class in react JS?

For example: var Component = React. createClass({ getInitialState: function() { return { clicked: false }; }, handleClick: function() { this. setState({clicked: true}); }, render: function() { var className = this.

What is classList toggle in JavaScript?

toggle(class, true|false) Toggles between a class name for an element. The first parameter removes the specified class from an element, and returns false. If the class does not exist, it is added to the element, and the return value is true.

How class is active in JavaScript?

Add active class to a div on javascript onclick event

  1. Create a div with specific id (here id=”text”)
  2. on click on div call a method makeActive()
  3. Define a function makeActive() in side