How do you beat Night 2 on plants vs zombies?

How do you beat Night 2 on plants vs zombies?

Strategy 2

  1. Required plants:
  2. Start by putting down Puff-shrooms in the third column.
  3. At the same time, plant Sun-shrooms down in the first column.
  4. Keep placing down Puff-shrooms until the seventh column is filled.
  5. Place Scaredy-shrooms in the second column.
  6. Use Grave Buster to clear graves.

How do you beat Plants vs Zombies Level 2 fog?

Strategy 2

  1. Required plants: Puff-shroom.
  2. Start out with planting Sun-shrooms and Puff-shrooms on the left side of the lawn with the occasional Sea-shrooms when it recharges.
  3. If you want, plant Planterns to take away the fog.
  4. Use a Wall-nut or Tall-nut to defend yourself against Football Zombies.

Does the sunflower work at night?

You should pick sun-shrooms on night levels, and sunflowers on day levels. The reason you want to use sunflowers during the day is that sun-shrooms sleep during the day, and they won’t work unless you wake them up with the Coffee Bean.

Do sunflowers produce sun at night Pvz?

Sun-shrooms are vital as they are the only source of sun during the night (or Sunflowers if one was to decide to plant them). The other nocturnal plants introduced are Hypno-shrooms, Ice-shrooms, and Doom-shrooms.

How do you beat level 4 on plants vs zombies?

Use Blovers only when a Balloon Zombie is near your house. This is to blow away more Balloon Zombies at a time and to save Blovers, as they may be more in the fog. If time permits, plant a Snow Pea on every lane to slow down the zombies, so you have extra time to damage them.

What is Adventure Mode in Plants vs Zombies?

Adventure Mode is the first available mode and the main mode in Plants vs. Zombies. There are five groups of ten levels, which are Day, Night, Pool, Fog, and Roof; each with their own characteristics. A new plant is unlocked and added to the player’s roster at the end of most levels, and in the other levels the player receives an item or a note.

Is there a Plants vs Zombies 2?

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a tower defense game from Electronic Arts and a sequel to the popular Plants vs. Zombies that took everyone by surprise back in 2009. The gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies 2 is pretty straightforward. Players need to protect the garden against the zombie invasion, so they place all sorts of plants to defeat them.

What levels can you play with plants in Adventure 1?

In “Adventure 1”, players can play earlier levels with plants they have obtained from latter levels, except for Level 1-1, Level 1-2, Level 1-3, Level 1-4, Level 1-6 and Level 1-7 in which players can only use the plants unlocked when they played these levels for the first time.

What is the strongest zombie in Plants vs Zombies?

Giga-gargantuar is the second-strongest zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, after Dr. Zomboss. It is a Gargantuar with red eyes that is only seen in Survival: Endless, Survival: Day (Endless), Survival: Night (Endless), Survival: Fog (Endless), Survival: Roof (Endless), Co-op Endless, and Last Stand Endless (mobile only).