How do I update my Ford navigation system?

How do I update my Ford navigation system?

Updating the System To purchase a Ford map update, visit the Ford map update site. Select your vehicle model and year from the dropdown menu and the appropriate update will appear. Add the map update to your cart and proceed to checkout.

How do I update my Ford navigation maps for free?

How do I get the latest map updates for SYNC®* 3?

  1. Visit the SYNC 3 Navigation Update website.
  2. Enter your VIN and your Serial Number or ESN. Note: You can find this information on your SYNC screen: Settings > General > About SYNC.
  3. Click on Check Available Updates to get the latest available map data.

Are Ford Sync map updates free?

SYNC updates are free to download via Wi-Fi (SYNC 3 only) or by using a USB drive. You may also visit your local Ford Dealer for assistance.

Are Ford sat nav updates free?

Maps. helps you keep your map up-to-date and lets you drive with peace of mind by offering 5 years of free map update.

How much does it cost to update Ford navigation?

*Only vehicles already equipped with navigation can be updated.*

Older SYNC® versions SYNC® 3
Cost You can order a preloaded data device, based on year and model, at varied costs. Cost ranges from $25 to $149+ Cost ranges from $0 to $149+
Get Started Get Started

How can I update my car GPS for free?

To update your GPS for free, the OpenStreetMap project allows you to download maps and transfer them to your system without any cost. This Open Source software is actually a database of free maps, updated by volunteer contributors. The downloaded maps are compatible with different navigation systems.

Do you have to pay for Ford Sync navigation?

How much does the SYNC 4 Navigation Package cost? $80 per year.

How do I know if my Ford Sync needs to be updated?

  1. Log in to your SYNC Owner account.
  2. Visit the SYNC Software Updates page.
  3. If you see a notification that says, “You have recently downloaded an update,” choose Confirm Update. You’ll be instructed on how to report your last successful installation so that we can keep you informed when new updates are available to you.

How do I update my Vauxhall sat nav in my car?

A few things to remember:

  1. Plug the USB stick into the USB port of your vehicle – use the USB port within the radio faceplate.
  2. Select the navigation function.
  3. Click “Yes” to start updating the map.
  4. Select the map update and click “Install”
  5. Click “Yes” to update your map.
  6. Click “Yes” to finalise the map update.

How do I update my navigation SD card?


  1. Insert the SD card from your vehicle into your computer.
  2. Open the Map Update Toolbox from your Applications folder.
  3. If an update is available, a button prompting to Download Latest Content will display.
  4. Select DOWNLOAD LATEST CONTENT to begin the process.

How often should you update your car navigation system?

Roads get rerouted or changed for safety, streets get renamed, bridges get replaced, traffic patterns are modified. So, if you use the navigation system often, and drive a lot in unfamiliar places, then it’s probably worth updating every four or five years.

Can navigation be added to Ford SYNC?

Ford offers two options for adding navigation to SYNC with MyFord Touch: SD card- or hard drive-based implementations. Our Ford Focus example includes an SD card loaded up with maps, while larger vehicles feature integrated hard drives with 10 GB of storage. Both solutions feature 3D maps from TeleNav. The navigation software is pretty standard.

How do I update my Ford Sync software?

Take the following steps to install a Ford SYNC update: Download software updates from the Ford SYNC website onto a USB drive. Turn your vehicle on and plug in the USB drive. Access the “SYNC-Settings” menu. Select the “Install on SYNC” option. Wait for the installation to finish.

What is Ford navigation?

A Ford navigation system is used to detect the position of a user on a road at a particular point of time while navigating a Ford vehicle.