How do I change the language on Saints Row 2?

How do I change the language on Saints Row 2?

If you mean Saints Row 2, there’s a program called “Language Setup” in whatever folder you installed the game in, and a link to this program in the game’s Start menu/Start screen program group.

Has Saints Row 2 PC been fixed?

You’ve needed mods to run it, but Volition is close to sorting that out. For a long time you’ve needed to mod Saints Row 2 in order to get it to work properly on PC, despite it still being available on Steam.

How do you fix a parachute in Just Cause 2?

You need to have reached a fast enough speed before it will allow you to open the parachute. You can either do this by falling from a tall building for a couple of seconds – you change to the base jumping position.

Why is my Switch game in another language?

The language for a game or software application will default to the language setting that has been selected on the console, so long as the intended language is supported by the game or software application.

How do I change language in Saints Row 3?

For those wondering, it works exactly the same way for Saints Row: The Third. You’ll have a executable named language_setup.exe in your game folder. Double-click it, select your prefered language, press Save and Exit, and it’s donee ! Now you can start your game again 🙂

How do I enable Windows 7 compatibilty for Saints Row 2?

1. Browse to your Saints Row 2 Steam installation directory and right click on “SR2_pc.exe”. 2. Click the Compatibilty tab and enable Windows 7 mode. 3. Click Apply and then OK. NOTE: I settled on Windows 7 because WIndows XP mode doesn’t support the use of the Steam Overlay for taking screenshots.

Why is Saints Row 2 so hard to run on PC?

A: The biggest issue with the PC port of Saints Row 2 is how the engine streams data from the hard drive into memory and how it prefetches (or more correctly, doesn’t.) The prefetching is the thing that tends to throw everyone because it can adversely affect people with optimal hardware that should be able to run the game well.