How did the 2010 Census affect Kentucky?

How did the 2010 Census affect Kentucky?

The 2010 Census reported 4,339,367 people in Kentucky, a 7.4 percent increase from the 2000 Census population of 4,041,769. Although the U.S. population grew at a faster pace (9.7 percent), the state population growth of nearly 300,000 persons is significant—the equivalent of adding a second Lexington.

What was the population in the 2010 census?

308.7 million people
The 2010 Census reported 308.7 million people in the United States, a 9.7 percent increase from the Census 2000 population of 281.4 million.

What city had the largest population according to the 2010 census?

New York City
New York City had the largest population gains, adding more than 600,000 people from the 2010 census, and remained in the top spot for the largest U.S. city.

Is Kentucky gaining or losing population?

Kentucky’s overall population increased 3.8% to about 4.5 million people between 2010 and 2020. Metropolitan counties, along with other areas in the state’s midsection, showed strong growth.

What is the fastest growing county in Kentucky?

Scott County
The county with the most rapid growth in Kentucky is Scott County, which has seen a population growth of 18.51% since the 2010 census, bringing the population up to 56,051 in 2019.

What percentage of Kentucky’s population lives in Louisville?

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, with 17.1% of the state’s total population as of 2010; the balance’s percentage was 13.8%.

What was the population in 2011?

In 2011, World Population Surpasses 7 Billion.

What city has a population of 350000?

Rank City Change
1 New York 685,714
2 Los Angeles 209,422
3 Chicago 112,290
4 Houston 323,078

What is Louisville known for?

Today, the city is known as the home of boxer Muhammad Ali, the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the University of Louisville and its Cardinals, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and three of Kentucky’s six Fortune 500 companies: Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Yum! Brands.

Is Louisville Kentucky a growing city?

In short, Louisville and Kentucky haven’t grown at a comparable rate to that of the country, the region or other states. This raises questions about the development of the state and the Louisville metro. The census bureau released data generated during the 2020 census in August.

Does Jack Harlow still live in Louisville?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Jack Harlow is currently back home in Louisville as part of his five-day hometown tour.