Does The Dome Edinburgh have a dress code?

Does The Dome Edinburgh have a dress code?

14 answers. There is no strict dress code. Clean slacks and shirt will do just fine. In general, people in Scotland, are very relaxed and casual about how they dress.

Does The Dome take walk ins?

Do you accept walk-ins? Although we do not keep any tables specifically for walk-ins, should a table become available due to a lastminute cancellation or no-show, we are more than happy to accept walk-ins on the day.

What time is afternoon tea at The Dome Edinburgh?

Afternoon Tea is served from 12pm-5pm daily on the 1st floor in the splendid surroundings of The Georgian Tea Room. This room can be accessed via our staircases and lift.

Does The Dome have a dress code?

Owners of Halifax dance club The Dome are defending their decision to enforce a new dress code that bans items like hoodies, team jerseys, do-rags, baseball hats, joggers, backpacks and chains. dress fashionably! This will be strictly enforced on FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights.

Are kids allowed in the dome Edinburgh?

The Dome serves food as well as running a bar. There will be no issue in taking kids in for a family bite to eat, early evening. However licensing laws apply, and the Dome (Like every other place with a licence) has to publish a written policy regarding when and where children will be allowed.

Can you get married in the dome Edinburgh?

Exquisitely decorated, The Green Room can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests and provides luxurious surroundings for Private Lunches and Dinners, Wedding Meals and Civil Partnership Celebrations.

What do you wear to the dome?

Dress code is clean, and fashionable attire. Athletic wear such as: gym clothes, jerseys, sleeveless gym shirts or baggy clothing will not be permitted. Gang affiliated clothing will not be permitted. Management and door staff reserve all rights to refuse entry.

Are kids allowed in The Dome Edinburgh?

Can you get married in The Dome Edinburgh?

What was The Dome in Edinburgh before it was a restaurant?

the old Physicians’ Hall
The site of The Dome was originally the site of the old Physicians’ Hall (1775), built and designed by James Craig the celebrated planner of Edinburgh’s New Town.

Who owns the Dome?

The Dome opened on 8 April 1998 with a concert by Diana Ross in front of a 15,000 strong audience. Nelson Mandela made a surprise appearance on stage during the official opening….Ticketpro Dome.

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Owner Sasol
Operator Reed Venue Management

Why did the dome close?

The Ticketpro Dome announced that it will be closing its doors permanently in September. This was as a result of the Covid-19 regulations against gatherings so as to curb the spread of the virus. Its owners, the Sasol Pension Fund, have been unable to avert this outcome.