Does Foscam have motion detection?

Does Foscam have motion detection?

To do this on the Foscam, simply go to Settings -> Alarm -> Motion Detection. (Note: be sure you have installed their browser plug-in otherwise this menu won’t be available. The camera’s login screen provides a link to download the plug-in.) From here, select Set Detection Area.

What is triggered interval Foscam?

Triggered Interval: Do you not want constant notifications when you bring in messages? The interval ensures that a new notification does not take place immediately after every movement. The time you set here is the minimum time between 2 notifications.

What is motion detection mode?

“motion detection” is a memory saving feature which only records footage where motion is taking place. You should NEVER drive your car with it enabled – as this will confuse the camera as you stop and start at lights etc. Some cameras have built-in methods of activating it automatically when the car stops.

Whats an alarm interval?

4. Alarm interval: After enabling motion detection, if motion is detected, the camera will notify you. You can type in a number between 30 with 300 to set the time interval between two alarms.

What does trigger interval mean?

Trigger Interval This is the “quiet time” between when the camera finishes sending a motion-triggered photo or video and when it is allowed to take another one. While the camera is sending, it cannot take another photo or video.

What can set off a motion detector?

What can set off a motion detector? Moveable objects such as balloons, curtains, decorations, and pets can set off motion detectors. How to prevent this: Consider positioning motion sensors above waist level so pets can move around freely, and away from curtains and other items that may move or drift.

How do motion detection cameras work?

Infrared waves can detect temperature. Infrared motion sensors detect the presence of a person or object by detecting the change in temperature of a given area. moves past the camera, the first sensor intercepts their heat signature, causing the camera to activate, which triggers your alarm and sends you an alert.