Does Bon Echo have a store?

Does Bon Echo have a store?

Park Store Greystones Gift Shoppe and Cafe, operated by the Friends of Bon Echo Park, is located in the historic Greystones building. The Shoppe features clothing items, souvenirs and books. Groceries are available outside of the park in nearby communities. Ice is available for purchase at the park gatehouses.

Is Bon Echo open for day use?

What are the park hours? Bon Echo is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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Is there cell service in Bon Echo?

Bon Echo Family Campground Facilities Cell phone availability: Rogers, Fido, Telus (depends on location). Pet friendly with a pet swimming area. CASH only for on-site purchases.

Are showers open at Bon Echo?

Comfort stations with washrooms, showers, and laundry facilities are available at major campgrounds. There are also radio-free areas, a visitor centre, gift shop, and the Mugwump ferry, which brings visitors to the Clifftop Trail located across Mazinaw Lake.

Is there a beach at Bon Echo?

The Bon Echo Lagoon A short 15 – 20 minute hike through the campgrounds and onto the road we were able to hit the main beach effortlessly. Just up the way you will spot a small parking lot and the Bon Echo Lagoon. The land wraps the lagoon in a crescent moon shape and has a fairly easy hiking path.

Are there bears at Bon Echo Provincial Park?

Whether anyone has had experiences with bears in Bon Echo is immaterial. There are bears in the area, as with all of Ontario’s shield country, and you should always assume they are a possibility, along with raccoons, squirrels, and all sorts of other critters that would take your food if they had a chance.

What are the best sites at Bon Echo?

Scattered through this list are campsites in the Main campground, Bon Echo Lake, Abes Lake, Essen Lake, Pearson Lake, and of course Joe Perry Lake. Here is a list of favorite campsites in Bon Echo Park: Joe Perry Lake site #519 – June 5, 2013.

Can you barbecue at Rattlesnake Point?

Great place for a hike, bbq or family fun.