Did Martin Scorsese direct Shutter Island?

Did Martin Scorsese direct Shutter Island?

HBO and Paramount are teaming up to produce a television version of the 2010 film, Deadline reports. The movie will reunite Scorsese with crime writer Dennis Lehane, who wrote the novel on which Shutter Island is based and will script the pilot episode of the new series, which Scorsese will direct.

What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite movie he’s in?

Despite having worked with the director on other more critically acclaimed and commercially successful projects, DiCaprio recalls his time working on The Aviator as his favourite ever film role.

How many movies have Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese done together?

five movies
Leonardo DiCaprio has done five movies with legendary director Martin Scorsese, but which performance is the best?

Who is Chuck ale Shutter Island?

Mark Ruffalo
As for the plot, the movie follows two U.S. marshals, Edward “Teddy” Daniels (DiCaprio) and his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), who are called to a hospital for the criminally insane.

Does Scorsese like DiCaprio?

DiCaprio thanked Scorsese in his acceptance speech at 88th Academy Awards while accepting the Academy Award for Best Actor, saying “I have to thank everyone from the very onset of my career…to Mr. Jones for casting me in my first film to Mr. Scorsese for teaching me so much about the cinematic art form.”

Is Shutter Island OK for teens?

Parents need to know that Shutter Island is a very intense thriller, with some highly disturbing imagery, including drowned children, Nazi concentration camps, piles of corpses, blood, guns, dark prison corridors, and bizarre, scary nightmares and hallucinations. Younger kids and teens are strongly warned away.