Can you bring bags to Midflorida credit union Amphitheatre?

Can you bring bags to Midflorida credit union Amphitheatre?

** NOTE All small bags, purses, diaper bags and fanny packs will be inspected before they will be permitted into the amphitheatre. Personal cameras are allowed in the venue.

What can you take into Mid Florida Amphitheater?

Items Permitted: Food allowed in one gallon clear plastic bag. One sealed bottle of water per patron. Low profile lawn chairs/ deck chairs no higher than 9″ from the floor….Items NOT Permitted;

  • Hard Coolers.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Weapons.
  • Animals except seeing eye dogs.
  • Glass or Metal Containers.
  • Alcoholic Beverages or Soft Drinks.

Does Midflorida Amphitheatre sell alcohol?

It’s on the fairgrounds, so you are weaving in and out of the food and drink stands. Drinks and food are high-priced, but normal for a concert or sporting event. $16 for a beer. $6 for water etc.

Can you take umbrellas into concerts?

Any item that could potentially hurt you or another concert-goer, like a pointed umbrella, should be avoided. This goes without saying, but illegal items like weapons and drugs are never allowed inside concert venues. Outside Food. Smuggling in outside food is a big no no.

What time do doors open at Midflorida Amphitheater?

Gates typically open 1.5 hours before while the parking lot opens at least 2 hours before concert time.

Is the Midflorida Amphitheatre covered?

The entire amphitheater is covered. If you sit on the far aisles on either side or the row at the very top of the venue, if the wind is blowing bad, there’s always a chance with rain you might get a little wet.

Is there food at the Midflorida Amphitheater?

You’ll find concessions throughout the Amphitheatre, such as Questlove’s cheesesteaks, Dog Haus hot dogs, Fabio Viviani’s Italian food, and cheeseburgers, hot dogs and nachos. Find snacks, sodas and Red Bull, too. If you’re after something outside the venue, terrific options lie within a few minutes’ drive.